Monday, January 12, 2009

Feeling Pretty Good ... Time to Start a new Round of the X

Hey y'all!

Well, I have been taking the cortisone pills and I am feeling wonderful!

My shoulder pain is pretty much gone. So is every other little ache I have ever had in my body! This stuff rocks! I can see why people become addicted to pain killers -- they are great. So everything bad I ever said about Brett Favre and Rush Limbaugh and their pain pill addictions I take back.

Now that I am feeling great I am going to do another round of P90X Classic. I wasn't really digging the PLUS all that much so back to the original it will be. I am excited to start because last time I was in pretty awful shape conditioning wise. This time I am starting at 165 lbs and about 17% body fat. I already found out how P90X works for fat out of shape guy. This time we will see how it works for someone who is in decent shape. AND I am using dumbells instead of the bands this time. Should be fun.

Also, fellow P90X blogger Joc over at Bring It! is going to start the new BeachBodies workout called ChaLean Extreme. It looks pretty intense and really focuses on weight lifting and building muscle through lifting as opposed to a lifting/cardio mix. So, I figured since Joc already ordered it we can all follow her progress and she can be our fitness guinea pig! Thanks Joc!

I will be done with my Cortisone cycle on Saturday. I will then begin a new creatine cycle and start on Monday the 19th --- I cannot wait!

So why am I going back to P90X Classic instead of P90X PLUS? I'll save that one for tomorrow's post. I have to go watch Jack Bauer waste some terrorists on the Tivo! Also some exciting changes are going to happen to the blog, once I get all the details I will post the info here ...stay tuned!

As always thanks for reading and I'd also like to apologize for my sporadic postings while I was dealing with this injury. But I am back now and am excited to Bring It again!



  1. Glad to have you back Jeff!! I have been pushing through the maze or rather gauntlet that is X plus. Last week was the rest week and it was anything but that. I was more sore than during the entire classic X. In fact my legs are still sore from fridays' legs and back along w/ saturdays' Yoga X. I have Plyometrics today so that problem will not be getting fixed until later this week. I am excited that the cortizone seems to have done its magic. It will be nice to follow your progress again. The Chalean Xtreme sounds interesting I will make sure to keep up with Jocs progress!!!

  2. Glad it's getting better, just keep it light and easy for some time still :) THanks, I haven't gotten it in the mail yet but am planning on starting ChaLEAN on Jan 26th at the latest. But my diet will be switched around at first to more carbs than I have been having lately (shredding this final layer for the BeachBody big game entry). Have a good one!