Saturday, January 24, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 6 -- Rest Day (instead of Kenpo)

Hey all,

After working two consecutive 16 hour days that included 12 hours of driving I have decided to take the scheduled rest day today instead of tomorrow. I will do Kenpo X tomorrow morning and then jump right into week two on Monday. Bottom line is that I am exhausted and wouldn't be able to Bring It like it needs to be broughten!

The good news is that despite being on the road and stuck at the Dallas Convention Center all day was able to eat pretty clean! I packed Protein bars, apples, and carrots and found some grilled chicken for lunch so all-in-all I did okay. However, it does amaze me at how hard it is to eat healthy on a normal basis. Most places do not even offer whole grain as an option and fried is pretty much every item on the menu. No wonder the good old USA is so damn fat.

Tomorrow is Kenpo X.

Thanks for Reading,



  1. Great blog man! Appreciate the expanded, unbiased views you provide of the program. I was not sold until I read your blog. Now, I have P90x working for me.

    My company does not allow employees to have blogs, so keep up the good work and help to inspire others to achieve their potential.

  2. Thanks and good luck with P90X ... keep pushing play.