Saturday, January 31, 2009

P90X Days 11 & 12 Round 2: Yoga & Legs/Back

Two posts in one today!

I have been a little preoccupied with work and the Super Bowl coverage but have still been able to get the workouts in! I had another less then steller Yoga experience. Last week I did very well with Yoga and was actually looking forward to it on Thursday. Well, that lasted for about 10 minutes into the workout before I started to get frustrated. It is just such a SLOW workout and I am the type of person who has trouble sitting still or relaxing. Hence the reason I get frustrated with Yoga. I ended up fast forwarding through probably about 30% of the workout. I did get a real good burn doing the Yoga belly exercises but the rest of it annoyed me. I am such a baby sometimes - patience is a virtue that I do not possess!

On Friday I did Legs/Back and ARX. I love the Legs and Back workout. It always brings out the best in me and my whole body feels beat down afterwards. My left shoulder is also holding up great. In the past this DVD always made my left shoulder hurt like hell but not anymore. ARX went okay. I had to rest on both the Oblique raises (left side) and the Mason Twists. The key to ARX is to remember to focus on your breathing ... well, this is sometimes easier said than done because I lost steam on both of these exercise and caught myself holding my breath, literally! Gotta breath Jeff!

So I used the website recommended by Glenn in the comments section below to order Nitrix. Nitrix was $63.99 at GNC for 180 tablets, $72.99 at Nutrition Depot for 360 tablet, and 48.99 (+7.90 S&H) at for 360 tablets. Seemed like a no brainer to me to order it here! It is amazing to me that GNC stays in business with how overpriced everything is. GNC offers Gold Members 20% off the first week of every month and they are still priced more than most places online.

I will have the Nitrix on Tuesday and will begin stacking it with BSN's CellMass then. As always after a few weeks I will post a review of the products and let you know what I think of them!

Later today I am going to do Kenpo and then tomorrow is my rest day. Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday and I am going to eat and drink very unhealthy. I have been eating clean for many, many months now and since my Steelers are in the SuperBowl I am going to indulge. We are planning on Primanti Bros sandwiches (a Pittsburgh Favorite), hot wings, mass quantities of beer, fries, burgers, hotdogs, fat people dips and chips and probably a bunch of other fat laden foods. I feel a little guilty but sometimes you got to let go. Hopefully I can.

Here We Go Steelers!



  1. Yoga session stunk as well. I'm still sore and stiff from going all-out during Legs and Back (I do Yoga on Sat's). I'm going to do X-Stretch today, then begin my first recovery week tomorrow.

    Recovery week comes at a good time. I have one of those padded gym/workroom floors that I bought at Costco (price club like Sams). It's one of those interlocking systems...and it cost me $28.00 for 48 sq ft! Anyway, while doing step-back lunges on Friday, my left foot pushed out one of the squares and I found myself doing a forward-split with 35 lbs dumbbells. My left thigh is sore, but not strained I hope.

    I bought carpet sealing tape and fixed the square problem...but I believe I dodged a huge bullet. Injuries piss me off!

    Keep Bringin' It!


  2. Steve,
    Injuries do suck. And the older I get the long it takes to get healthy...that really sucks too!

    I did like 80 days of round 1 with a banged up left shoulder. Had good days and bad days ... it really sucked but /i was not stopping.

    Good luck with it but be carful not to over do it.