Thursday, January 29, 2009

P90X Day 10 Round 2: Shoulder and Arms

Hey y'all!

I am feeling pretty good right now. The second round of the X is going good. Pittsburgh is going to the Super Bowl. I am finishing off a very solid month at work. Pittsburgh is going to the Super Bowl!!

Yesterday I did Shoulders, Arms and Ab Ripper X. I had a nice workout and absolutely love using dumbbells. I have 5-25 lb dumbbells right now and after two weeks I already need more weight. Gonna have to make a trip to the Sports Authority this weekend and pick up some 35 pounders.

I took Matt's advice and decided to add to my calorie intake. This morning I had my protein shake and two whole wheat bagels. The midmorning snack was a power bar. I had a footlong turkey and ham sub from subway on whole wheat for lunch. The afternoon snack was another power bar and some apple slices. Dinner tonight was 3 whole wheat chicken fajitas with some long grain rice and a glass of milk. I also had a protein drink after I did yoga. Overall, I got in about 3200 calories. A little extra fat and a ton of carbs.

On Monday I am going to start the Cell Mass and Nitrix supplements.

Super Bowl prediction: Pittsburgh 31, Arizona 17

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  1. Let me know how that stack seems to work. I have been switching up with Superpump250 and NO Shotgun for about 3 weeks. This week I decided to lay off of them to see how my workouts progress without them. I definantly have no where slose to as much endurance....I also just felt off for a good majority of the workout. Anyways I noticed this before when I stopped taking some other nitric oxide supplements. It is hard to ween off of them but once you do the workouts get better again.

  2. No doubt about it - the Prework out supps work wonders. Just like coffee in the morning!

    I'll let you know how it all works out!