Friday, January 23, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 5: Legs & Back

Okay, so I had a REALLY long day today. After a 4.5 Hour drive to Dallas I stood in a booth for 9 more hours. My feet are KILLING me! I had a protein shake for breakfast and then it all went downhill from there. A found time to get a protein bar in at around noon and then grabbed a chicken salad and a fruit bowl from the concessions around 2pm - both were awful. I had another protein bar around 6pm and then ended the day with a turkey on wheat from central market at 9pm tonight.

I did got to the 24 hour Fitness with my buddy and we busted up Legs & Back. Instead of using a pullup bar I used a the lat pulldown machine and it worked the hell out of me. I did some squats and did the lunges off to the side. We were both too tired to do an Ab workout....I wanted to bring him through the ARX routine because he would have hated it!! But we will have to wait for another time!

I am back at the hotel and have another early wake up call. I got upgraded to a nice suite because I have enough nights to be a Gold Elite Member with Marriott and unfortunately that was the highlight of my day.

We finish up around 2pm so I should be home around 7pm tomorrow and I plan on doing Kenpo shortly thereafter.

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  1. I have an already decked out workout room, with a lat-machine, hex dumbbells and a Keys Cable Gym. I'm doing lat pulldowns in place of pull-ups and I find that controlling the weight going UP is quite effective. Tony and his "friends" are all ripping through pull-ups...but a lat machine is a totally different, and more effective movement IMHO, than pull-ups. Going wide, narrow and reverse on a lat machine is awesome...if you have one!

    My legs are killing me this AM, and it was the sneaky lunges that killed 'em. I really concentrated on form and now I'm paying for it. Kenpo is going to be interesting today!

  2. Sneaky lunges are just brutal. About the time minute 2 rolls around I am usually dripping sweat. If you can stay on your toes the entire time you are the man because I cannot!!!

    I still have my gym membership and I may start to go a couple times a week and add in some addition weight lifting. The lat pulldowns and pullups I did yesterday were awesome.