Friday, January 2, 2009

Just Checking In ....

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years!

I wanted to drop a quick post about how everything is going with the shoulder injury. Unfortunately my Doctor is closed until Monday so I was unable to make an appointment. So, I basically took the last 6-days off and did nothing but rest. I still have been maintaining the healthy eating. I have dropped my calories down to about 2000 a day and am only have one to two portions of carbs. I reduced the calories because I felt I didn't need as many since I was no longer doing P90X PLUS.

The good news is that my shoulder feels somewhat better. I can at least now raise my left arm in the air without excruciating pain so I have that going for me! I have been in a bad mood and a little on edge since the injury so it is affecting me. Starting Monday I am going to hit the treadmill and stationary bike at least 4 times a week.

I was thinking about changing the content of the blog around to focus on maintaining health and fitness while dealing with an injury. Especially if the Doctor says that it is long term or surgery is needed. I am planning on begging him for a cortisone shot and if he complies then I'll jump back into a new round of P90X if not I'll probably change the format a bit.

Keep on Bringing It and thanks for reading!



  1. Glad to hear that your shoulder is feeling a little bit better. I have been moving on with the Plus program. It seems kind of drag without the extra support/comradary. I have been doing well. I recently messed up on nutrition for 2 straight days but was able to through in a couple 3 mile runs to make up for it! I have also changed my diet to a 40/40/20 set up. I think I may throw in a low carb day every 3 days or so just to keep my body guessing. I have also upped my calories to 2900 hopefully I can gain a little bit of the mass I lost the past few weeks back and a little more after that(175lbs/9.5 % bf would be nice).... without putting on to much fat!!

  2. Oh yeah, Take care of the shoulder buddy!! You may want to try a recumbant bike if the moving your arms back and forth motion from running irritates your shoulder. I know that sometimes my shoulder feels a little strange or off kilter while running.

  3. Update: So after messing up and eating horrible for 2 days last week(chinese food/candy, sweets, around 4000+ calories) I managed to throw in 2 extra cardio sessions and manipulate my diet to add more calories and more carbohydrates. I am happy to say that even w/ the slip in nutrition that the extra workouts may just have done the trick to keep me stable. I did my weekly measurements today and I am up to 167.6 from 164.2 last week and still at 9.4% bodyfat!! I hope that the doc gives you the OK to get back at the weights soon my main man. I also went ahead and purchased a few new pre-workout supplements: SuperPump 250(Is this the one you have tried in the past...i can't remember, if so could you please give me your thoughts/feedback on it) and N.O. Shotgun. I went ahead and got both since there was a buy one get one 50% off mix and match sale at my local GNC. I will let you know how this turns out.