Thursday, January 22, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 4: YOGA X

The always fun Yoga day!

I had another strong nutrition day. I had to leave at 6am again today so I had a whole wheat bagel getting ready and a protein shake on the road. After my appointment I had a protein bar and then went to lunch with a coworker and had a grilled salmon with veggies on the side for lunch. The midday snack was eight apple slices and dinner was baked chicken breast with broccoli on a bed of long rain rice. I also had a 60G protein drink after I did Yoga.

The yoga workout went very well today. I struggled on a few of the warrior poses and I still can only do the crane for a couple of seconds. Yoga belly was very difficult today because of the overall soreness of my abs. I had a real nice sweat going after yoga this time. I forgot to put my heart rate monitor on so I am not sure of how many calories I burned -- I was a little mad at myself for forgetting but what you going to do?

I am leaving for Dallas at 5am tomorrow and was planning to take this as my off day since I am in a hotel room. But my buddy called me and talked me into going to 24 HR Fitness with him. So I figure we can both do Back & Legs at the gym and then I can keep on track and not rearrange the schedule at all.

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