Sunday, April 12, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 84: Rest Day Jogging

Happy Easter everyone!

Today was supposed to be my Rest Day. However, I felt really good and wanted to get in a run. So, after sleeping in a little, Annie and I decided to go do a 5K run before we went to Easter brunch. We got about a mile into the run and the sky became pitch black and the lightening started to flash. So, we hustled back home just in time because we had one heck of a storm! The lesson learned here is to check the weather forecast before you go on a jog!

Anyways, so we got back from brunch, where we did okay eating. More fat then I would have preferred but our choices were limited to average nutrition and poor nutrition. Could have been a lot worse and neither of use over-indulged so I was happy about that!

When we got home the weather was beautiful. So, we finished up watching the Masters, quite the uneventful finish! We decided to finish off the rest of our jog. We walked the first 1 mile and began to run where we left off earlier in the day. I kept my heart rate between 147-155. A couple of times I got close to 160 and had to slow down some, but overall by keeping in the aerobic zone my energy level was very steady throughout the jog.

The first mile I ran this morning I did it right at the 8 minute mark. My second mile was at 8 minutes and 30 seconds. I finished the third mile at 9 minutes and 15 seconds. That totals 25 mins and 45 seconds. However, since it was broken up by the rain this isn't a real official time. I'd be happy if I did this during my triathlon in 3.5 months!

I was proud of Annie today. She had a herniated disk about 6 years ago and had to have surgery to have it repaired. This was the first time she jogged any type of distance since then and she did awesome! She used to jog all the time before the surgery and finally after years of hard work and core strengthening she is able to get back to doing something she really enjoys!

Tomorrow is the beginning of my official last week of P90X or "recovery week". As I have mentioned in previous posts I am not going to follow the final week of the program. My reasons are that this is my second time through P90X and my body is telling me it can do more, despite being banged up some. Also, since I am going to be starting my triathlon training I need to find out my fitness levels in swimming, jogging, and cycling before I set my final training schedule. I feel pretty good about jogging and cycling but the swimming is going to be my biggest challenge!

But now that I said all that I am still going to do the scheduled Yoga X tomorrow. After the last three days of Cycling, Swimming, and Jogging my legs and shoulders are feeling pretty tight and I think Yoga may be just the cure!

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P.s. We took my final photos today. I didn't really look at them yet but I will post them tomorrow with side-by-sides of Day 1, Day 90, and Day 180.


  1. Your running is actually very good. 8 to 9 minute miles are awesome. By the time your triathlon comes along, you are going to smoke the run!

    Running is my worst event. The fact that it comes after swimming and cycling is going to kill me. I gotta do the tortoise and the hare run.

    I am looking forward to "working" with you during our training. It is great to have a "workout buddy"!

    Project Exercise

  2. Very nice to have a workout buddy!

    It makes it real hard to quit when you know someone else is out there struggling through the same things!