Saturday, April 18, 2009

P90X Round 2 -- Final Review

Today is the end of my second round of P90X and I would like to take a couple of minutes and write about my feelings towards the program and how I managed through a second round of the X.

I began my first day of P90X back on September 7th of 2008, but made the decision to start two weeks earlier. I was watching TV, eating junk, and drinking beer - which was a pretty normal weekday night for me. And like many, many others I was sucked into the P90X infomercial. I was looking at pictures and videos of people who were overweight like myself and then miraculously 90 days later were transformed into ripped up-sexier versions of themselves. Well, I jumped online and order P90X and the rest is history! (Read my Review of Round 1)

At that time I weighed 188lbs and was wearing size 36 pants. By the end of Round 1, I was down to 164 lbs and my waist was reduced to a mere 34 inches! More importantly I felt wonderful! I had energy to burn, my complexion looked healthy, and I had a new sense of confidence. Well, I still wasn't where I wanted to be. After a short lay-off due to a banged up shoulder I decided to give P90X another go at it.

I came into Round 2 weighing 164 lbs, with a 34 inch waist, and 18% BF. These numbers are pretty good and initially I wanted to see if I could gain 5-8 lbs and bulk up some. So, I changed up my supplements and started to use Cell Mass and Nitrix from BSN Labs. After about 2 weeks I could really see and feel the difference with these supplements and they helped me immensely during the course of the 90 days. After phase one I was down to 162 lbs but I noticed that I was looking very lean and healthy and decided to scrap the idea of gaining bulk and let my body do what it wanted to do! I just got off the scale and my body decided it wanted to be 157 lbs, with a 32 inch waist, and 12% BF. If you would like to see my comparison pictures CLICK HERE.

Now that I got the stats out of the way let us talk some about how I got through P90X for a second round. For the most part I followed the program as planned, but I am the type of person that gets bored rather easily so minor changes were needed to keep me focused. Remember variety is the spice of life (or something like that?). Here are some of the things I did differently:

  • Added dumbbells to my workouts instead of resistance bands,
  • Got a HRM to track my calories,
  • Tracked my BF% with a digital scale and calipers,
  • Altered my mindset to have a positive attitude towards Yoga X,
  • Switched my workout room from the Gameroom to an empty guest bedroom,
  • Tried new supplements,
  • Followed some different P90X blogs,
  • Started a Twitter account,
  • Substituted in some P90X Plus workouts,
  • Muted Tony and listened to music,
  • and towards the end Added running, swimming, and cycling.
Now this is a lot and some of these tweaks may have been completely unnecessary but I am pretty ADHD so they needed to happen. You may not need to do anything like this but if you are venturing into Round 2 you have to do something to help keep it fresh! Really, I cannot stress the need to change it up some because you will at times dread "just pushing play ...".

Now that this round is complete I am going to start training for a Sprint Triathlon that is scheduled for August 2nd. Since this blog has been so helpful in motivating me to workout I am going to continue to post daily about my triathlon training. Which will, of course, include many of the P90X workouts. Over the next few days I plan to change up the format of the blog some and archive Round 1 and Round 2 of P90X for easy viewing access for those of you who are just beginning the program.

I mentioned in the first paragraph (which seems many, many words ago!) that P90X has changed my life. And it has in such a positive way that it is hard to really put into words just how awesome P90X really is! It ingrains in you the proper way to eat and workout and I cannot even imagine myself ever going back to the way I was before P90X. I no longer crave unhealthy foods because I no what happens if I do - I lived it.

In closing I would like to thank everyone who reads or has read this blog. Especially Boomer, Steve, Glenn, Mike and everyone else who has shared their ideas and opinions in the comments. I would not have made it this far without all of your support. Thank you all very much!

Bring It!


P.s. ... if you have a P90X Blog and would like me to link to it please drop me a comment!


  1. Jeff,

    congratulations on completing round 2, curious to know what supplements you found worked well for you. You seem to have the same type build as me, as I'm a pretty small guy now, as tony would say "I'm a fit guy" but I think I could benefit from another 10lbs, good lbs of course, I'm not going to go eat a pizza or anything like that..on another note are you going to start another round of p90x with your triathlon training?

    And if it's not too much trouble a link to my blog would be appreciated, and I'll be sure to return the favor

  2. Hey Jeff,

    Congrats so much!! I'm on day three of P90X now (I have a P90X blog also) and I can't wait to see what my results will look like after 90 days... heck I'm looking forward to 30 days! I'm also doing the nutrition plan "to a T" and so far have been loving it! I did back down on the calories a bit since I do I want to lose weight, but just watching my energy levels so I don't bonk. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Absolutely amazing! 2 rounds of P90X. Following your blog has really helped me. I remember how I first started communicating with you. I think I asked you a question about Interval X Plus.

    Since we are both training for our first triathlon, it will be fun to compare notes and support each others efforts.

    So congrats on completing 2 rounds of P90X!

    Project Exercise

  4. Jeff: Following your blog helped me immensely. You shared many of your experiences and challenged me to dig deeper (Pike Presses!). It's amazing how reading another blog actually motivates and encourages...yours sure did!

    Congratulations on completing round 2. P90X taught me how to workout with intensity and...and it's a huge properly! Nutrition is just as important as choosing the weight of a dumbbell. And to think of all the reps I wasted in my years of workout previously!

    Thanks for taking the time to post too. I don't have a blog because I hardly have the time to keep it up, so I know how hard this is. Thanks results wouldn't be the same if it hadn't been for your thoughts, Boomers thoughts and the others who've shared here.

  5. ZRG23 and Annie - Thanks for stopping by. I linked to you both and wish you guys the best of luck with your P90X journeys!

    ZRG23 - Yes, I am including P90X into my training. check out the new google calendar it list my first 4 weeks.

  6. Boomer, Man, I remember that we started talking about Interval X! It seems like such a long time ago huh? I am very glad we are both doing the triathlon training. I was thinking about doing one for awhile and then you mentioned you were thinking about doing a Tri on your blog and we seemed to make up our minds rather quick!

    It will be fun to see how we do and I am happy we can bounce ideas and training tips off of eachother!

  7. Thanks Steve, your daily comments helped immensely as well. The blog does take some time but, as you can probably tell, I usually have a lot to say so it has become a good place for me to think out loud and vent. Good luck with your crazy ass Chris Chelios training and keep us updated on how you are doing with it!

  8. Hi Jeff, I've been following your blog for a while now and I've loved reading about your progress. I'm about halfway through round 1 of the lean program and plan on doing classic after that. It it's not too much trouble, I too would appreciate it if you would link to my blog. Thanks!

  9. No problem at all Heather! Good luck with the X.

  10. Dude, you're a stud! Awesome progress you've made thru 2 rouunds of the X! I'm looking forward to following you thru your hybrid Tri/P90X training. I am taking a break from P90X and trying Chalean Xtreme. Its different from P90X but I actually think it would fit really well into a tri/long distance running schedule because the workout are shorter, intense but only 35 minutes. I let you know how it goes.

    Keep up the good work.


  11. Thanks Glenn -- That is cool you are doing Chalean Extreme - About 2 months ago i was considering doing it also before the Tri become my next goal. Please keep me updated because I am very interested to hear what you think about it!