Monday, April 20, 2009

Triathlon Training Day 2: Cycling & ARX

Hello Everyone!

Day 2 is halfway in the books. I am watching a movie with Annie called, "Seven Pounds" and as you can tell by the fact that I am posting right now - I am really enjoying this movie!

Anyways, I am only halfway done because I am going to do ARX after the movie is over and then get some sleep! Today's bike ride wasn't as intense as I have been used too. A buddy of mine came over with his bike and we did 7.5 miles. He is trying to get into better cardiovascular shape and I have been talking about how much I enjoy biking fr the last few weeks. He was on a mountain bike so he could not maintain the same speed as me. Those mountain bikes don't move as fast as the road bikes. We had a good time and the ride was more pleasant than aerobic. I might actually take Wednesday and get in a hardcore 10-12 mile ride so I don't get behind.

Looking forward to hitting ARX before bed!

Thanks for Reading,



  1. You know, since I have started this tri-training business, I have tried riding the bike for pleasure. It has always been b@lls to the walls. I would actually like to slow down and just enjoy a ride!

  2. Jeff, did you get your clipless pedals yet?

    Also, since your trip to Spain is before your triathlon, I'd add in some interval sprint training, just to make sure you're faster than most of the guys during your run with the bulls...better to see the guys behind you getting gored than the guys ahead of you!

  3. Boomer, Don't do the "fun" ride! It really isn't that "fun"!

    Steve, No, I haven't for the clipless pedals yet. I am planning on it someday soon. The wife might kill me though if I spend anymore on this stuff!