Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hal Higdon Training: 4 Mile Run

Today was an easy 5am run. It was pretty crisp outside so both Annie and I enjoyed our run. We did an easy aerobic pace like Higdon recommends and did the 4 miles in a little under 40 minutes. It was a little hard to hold back and just focus on staying in my aerobic zone, especially after running hard at my last race, but we both did it!

The funny thing is that I was just about hitting a nice groove when it was time to quit. This make me look back to when I began training for Triathlon and I struggled just completing 3 miles. Know I barely break a sweat doing 4 miles!

Tomorrow is an early 8 mile run!

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  1. Staying aerobic and coming in under 40 minutes is pretty good.