Friday, November 13, 2009

Hal Higdon Training: 5.1 Mile Run

Run Miles this week: 32.1

Tomorrow is an off day and then we have a 12 mile run as our long run scheduled for Sunday. In Higdon's plan he had us do 16 miles last weekend and only 12 miles this weekend. I am guessing Higdon suggests doing it this way to let your body recover but also to help prevent overuse injuries. It is pretty funny to me that I think of a 12 mile run as being short.

Annie and I got up at 5am again today to get our 5 miles in. It was 48 degrees out so I had to go with a long sleeve DryFit shirt today and I am glad I did because it was still 48 degrees when we got home 47 minutes later. Nothing to really report about this run, pretty ho-hum. My legs are still feeling good!

Tomorrow is a fun Saturday of working, chores, and cleaning. Sunday is the 12 mile run and a Steelers thrashing of the Bengals. Glad it is the weekend!

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  1. Wow, down in the 40's! I can only dream of running in weather like that. When I ran in Alaska, I did a PR there in the 40's.

  2. It is really nice in the cooler temps. The day I did the 10k and avg 7:20/mi it was 48 degrees at the start.