Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hal Higdon Training: 5 Mile Run

Just checked my workout logs and I'm up to 101.62 miles running for November. Still have three days left with 9 miles, 5 miles, and 14 miles scheduled. That is a lot of miles for me!

Annie had to be at work early this morning so no morning run for us. She was going to do her run mid-morning, she was working a split shift thing today. And I just finished up my 5 miler. I was going to go to the gym to try and hit the treadmill but traffic was awful and I just didn't feel like driving anymore so I just busted it out in the neighborhood.

It has been awhile since I have ran without Annie. This is sometimes a bad thing because I tend to set my pace too hard. Higdon wants us running at slower than race pace to build up your base and this technique has been doing wonders for my conditioning. Well, maybe it is because I am a meathead or maybe it is because I am just impatient but I ran too hard. Five miles in 38 minutes flat. That is a little over a 7.5 minute pace. The reason this is stupid is because I have a 9 mile run tomorrow and a 5 mile race on Thursday. Since I pushed it I will more than likely feel it on my next two runs. Now I am not sure if I should bust ass on Thursday or treat the race as a training run.

Oh well what ya going to do?

Tomorrow is a 5am 9-mile run!

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  1. Jeff, you are doing a pretty intensive running train...what about swim and bike?

    I need also to focus much more on training my running but "hips pain" from my last 13 Kms...

    Take care,

    "XTB" Xavi.

  2. Jeff... I don't think it was stupid to go b@lls to the walls. Of course, I am a meathead. All kidding aside, running has turned out to be your "thing". Man, what novice runs 5 miles in 38 minutes. I can see you being an age grouper. I can't wait to see you take the podium! You are running like you have a few years under your belt. Awesome, man!

  3. Xavi - It is all running of me for the next couple of weeks. Once I finish the 50k then it is back to SBR! Congrats on your first Tri!

  4. Hey Boomer - Not too sure about the AG podium. There are some fast guys in my 30-34 age group! And if I was going to keep the running volume where it is then manybe but I can't wait to get back to swimming and biking too!

    Also, I have been trying to be real careful not to up up my overall mileage too fast. I really don't want to get injured. This Higdon plan is great for ramping you up to the big runs!

  5. holy Snikee's 101.62 miles! thats awesome!! you are the man! Dec 5th is going to be here soon! looking forward to that write up!

  6. Thanks Chuck - you are ripping out the miles yourself!

  7. Just found your blog Jeff. Inspired. I have done a few sprint tris and would love to move up to an Olympic distance. I'll be following your blog. Does Hal have a program for Olympic distance? Also how did you post your training on your wall? Love that! And want to copy you. :)