Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hal Higdon Training: 9 Mile Run

Did 9 miles on this cool, crisp Texas morning!

It is amazing how some days the run is hard and other days the run is easy. Today was one of the easy days!

Getting ready to settle in for a marathon catch up of, "Californication" Season 3. I On-Demanded the first 8 episodes and can't wait to watch it. This show is hysterical.

Tomorrow morning is a 5 mile run.

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  1. Endurance episodes to reward your endurance training!

    Will you be running a marathon at the end of the Higdon plan?

  2. Boomer - I am not planning on doing the marathon, just the half. It is scheduled for Feb 14th and that date is too close to the April Oly Tri I want to do. My swim and bike need a ton of work so after the 50k I am going to begin a 1/2 IM Training program and do the Essential Triathlon Swimming DVD.

    I'd like to do the full marathon but can't figure out a way to continue all the marathon training while fitting in swim and bike training - aside from quitting my job!! lol!

    And I am pretty sure after I complete the ultra run that I won't have much of a desire to do a marathon anyways!