Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hal Higdon Training: 4 Mile Run

Here is a little something I picked up for my upcoming Trail run - a First Aid Kit!
I got this little sucker at REI and it has everything in it that a injury prone person like myself could need - bandages, gauze, scissors, tape, antiseptic spray, bee sting stuff, stuff for pain, stuff for your stomach and much more! I am ready for the trail run!

Back on the horse today!

Got up early and put on a long sleeve running shirt and a knit hat - It was only 40 degrees - which is like the end of the world for us Texans!

The good news is that today's 4 mile run was very strong. My legs felt great and with each step I got progressively stronger. According to my training schedule this run is supposed to be an easy one that lets you recover from the long weekend run. That is exactly what today was! The 4 miles was done in 37 mins which is about a 9:20/mi pace.

On Sunday I blogged about how difficult the 12 mile run was and I'm not taking any of that back. Yesterday I felt awful all day long. My body was sore all over. Last night I actually took a heating pad with me to place under my neck and popped aspirin all day long. Luckily though I recovered enough for today and am looking forward to the 9 miles scheduled tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning is 9 miles.

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  1. LOL! You definitely got the right equipment for your trail run!!! Let's see, nutrition - check, water - check, first aid kit - check!

    You know, after all my long runs I hurt all day long. So I can sympathize with you.

  2. Gotta have a first aid kit. If you don't already have one in there, get yourself a whistle. Plastic, metal, whatever. It's small and light, and you never know when you'll need it.

    Glad you were able to recover from that grueling Sunday run. You know its bad when you go to bed with a heating pad!

  3. Great job getting back out there!

    And thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm here for my HTFU rally! Ha! Loved that! Thanks for the tough-love... sometimes that helps the most!

  4. Boomer - I am ready for the run! That morning Im going to put some bandaid's on the nipples and off I go! The long runs really do a number on my body some days. I'll be glad when all this long run training is over!

    Steve - I failed to mention that a small plastic whistle is in the kit as well. I tested it out and my dogs hated it ...pretty punny actually!

    Annie - You are doing great and you are an inspiration to many people. We all hit difficult times while attempting to live a healthy lifestyle but just keep doing what you are doing!