Friday, November 6, 2009

Hal Higdon Training: 4 Mile Run

The Hal Higdon plan is pretty easy to follow. Basically, the miles you run during the week add up to what your long run is on the weekend. Example: We ran 4 miles, 8 miles and 4 miles. This totals 16 miles. On Sunday our long run is 16 miles. Pretty simple, eh? Every third week he does back off the distance of the long run so your body can recover. I am a big fan of simplicity.

This morning Annie and I got up when it was still dark out again and did our 4 mile run. Usually, Annie sets the pace and I follow. When I lead I tend to push too hard and spend too much time in the anaerobic HR zone. According to the experts (Higdon) this run should be done in a more aerobic zone. We both have Garmin 305's so this is easy to do, but I sometimes tend to drift away like the ADHD tard that I am and forget to use the Garmin. But today I wanted to set the pace because the last couple of Friday's we have been going too slow, IMO. I did not want to kill us but I wanted to keep us around a 9 minute mile. When it was all said and done we did the run in 35:53, which is just a tick under that 9 minute mile so we did good!

Overall another good workout. Annie is making me go out and be social tonight to some douchey wine bar or something. I want to do the long run tomorrow but she wants to do it on Sunday. We will probably do it on Sunday because I am sure I will be hanging around with a bunch of morons wearing Ed Hardy shirts and will need a drink or two to deal. It is amazing how once your life becomes centered around fitness and clean eating going out to clubs and bars really suck.

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  1. Yeah, Higdon's schedule is simple, yet effective.

    If I was ever dumb enough to try marathon training again, I would stick to the schedule to a tee, instead of beating the living crap out of my knee.

    Athletes live in their own world. Good luck with your social event.

  2. "....I want to do the long run tomorrow but she wants to do it on Sunday. We will probably do it on Sunday because...

    ...because you're a good husband! And if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy! :)

  3. Steve,
    You are so right! Jeff is a good husband :)

  4. haha ... we had a nice time at the wine bar/ restaurant. The food was good. Then we went to a smoke filled club and it really sucked. The ed hardy douchebaggedness was in full effect!

  5. "Ed Hardy shirts are douche capes"!

    I'm ROFLOL! That's funny! I'm using "douche cape" somewhere, somehow (Yankees t-shirts?) proper company, of course!