Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mini-Taper Day: 2.2 Miles

My wife and I are watching The Biggest Loser right now. For some reason neither of us like Amanda. We can't really pinpoint why we can't stand her but she is just annoying and she cries ALL THE TIME. And she has gone '3rd person' on us way too often. She said, ... "Amanda doesn't do marathons!" or "Amanda is in the final four!" Jeff does not like that!

With my 50K race coming up on Saturday I need to reduce my volume this week so that I am at full strength at the starting line - this is called a taper! So today I did just 2.2 miles on the treadmill. It was enough to get my legs lose but not enough to really exert myself. After the run I went over to the open area at the gym and stretched for about 15 minutes. It felt great and my legs really needed an extended stretching session. My IT band has been a little tender and this helped!

Also this was the first time I have been to the gym in about a month. The "people watching" at the gym is freaking awesome. You see all types! There was a group of 5 guys all wearing jean shorts and knock off Ed Hardy shirts. It was like they all called each other ahead of time and coordinated their clothes. They were taking turns doing max lifts Bench presses and were screaming at each other for motivation. At one point I almost fell off the treadmill I was laughing so damn hard. But then again who am I to make fun of people at the gym? One of those jean shorts guys is probably typing on his blog about the goofy looking skinny guy on the treadmill wearing Lycra with 6 different tan lines!

Tomorrow morning I am going to run with Annie and do maybe 3 miles. She is doing 9 miles but that would be too much for my legs. It is raining and cold here in SE Texas so if we wake up and the rain is still coming down we may have to make it another treadmill day.

Thursday and Friday will be rest days and I will go over my nutrition/hydration plan for the race. Not real sure what I am going to do yet but my normal "just wing it" approach may not work!

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  1. I am watching BL right now too. Boomer thinks Amanda is a cry baby!

    That is a funny story about the gym. Before I was into P90X and triathlons I was a pretty heavy lifter. I wasn't a screamer though. Although I used to lift heavy, I used to laugh at the screamers too. I cracked up when you said that they probably found you amusing too. I guess its all relative.

  2. You're in good form today Jeff. Funny. I had a look at those shirts, too. Douche uniform.

  3. ...wearing Lycra with 6 different tan lines! LOL!!

    I'll bet you have the perpetual "white boots" too!

    And where did this Ed Hardy crap start, anyway?

  4. Boomer, I like how they all run/jog/walk/crawl the marathon at the end. That is not a good thing to do with on 60 days to train? That can cause serious injury.

    MMLM, yeah I was in rare form yesterday. One of those days yesterday. today sort of sucked too.

  5. Steve, living in Texas with all the running I do outside leads to many a different tan line! Yes, My feet pretty much glow.

    As for the Ed Hardy thing, we saw a comedian a couple months ago, Joel McHale, the guy from the Soup and that new show Community. He was making fun of all the guys wearing Ed Hardy Shirts and calling them douche capes. I stole it from him and have noticed the "Douche Cape Movement" is spreading over the Internet! You are welcome for introducing you to this!

  6. I'm honored to have you introduce me to this...and I even watch Talk Soup AND Community! Gads...I'm a typical 40-something.

  7. LMAO -- Don't feel too bad because you are not alone! I didn't even know what "Ed Hardy" was until I heard it at the show. My friends had to explain it to me. BUT once I understood it was pretty funny!