Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mini- Taper: Part Deux

Did another 2 miles on the treadmill this evening. It was freaking cold and crappy this morning and Annie is sick so it was a sleep in morning! Well I guess if 6am is considered sleeping in!

BTW - if you are not watching Friday Night Lights (TV Series, not the movie) do youself a huge favor and go out and buy the DVD's or put it on the Netfilx queue. This show is one of the best on TV right now. I cannot recommend it enough - it is that good!!!!

Anyways, I stopped at the REI on my travels today and picked up some GU Chomps and a fannie pack to wear at the race. It is small but made of heavy duty nylon so it shouldn't hinder me during the run too much. My wife thinks I look like a dork with a fannie pack on. I told her I wear spandex and lycra in public now so the fanny pack is pretty much par for the course!

Next two days will be nothing but rest! Unless my New Trainer shows up tomorrow (-:

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  1. Thanks for the Friday Night Lights recommendation. I saw the movie, but I didn't know that there was weekly series. I will check it out.

    I was cracking up when I read about your conversation with Annie about your fanny pack... LOL!

  2. Fanny packs are for those who are secure with themselves. I wear a fanny pack when necessary. I don't care how dorky it is, its pure function the whole way.

    I'm on my recovery week and I've done nothing but scale it back and do stretching and isometrics. It's been restful and a much needed break.

    Hey, I wish you the best on your 50K race this weekend! It IS this weekend, right? I've heard Texas is getting nasty weather and its headed our way this weekend, so I hope its nice by Saturday where you're running. Hauling it through the woods when its raining is risky!

  3. Boomer - You would LOVE Friday Night Lights, especially since you love football. Even though football is so little of the show. Great acting, writing and production. This is now the 4th season and it might be the best yet.

  4. Steve - Ya know us guys never really appreciate the value of a good rest week - glad you brought that up because they are so much more essential then we tend to realize!

    Oh and it is cold here man! Friday is supposed to be a high of 38 low of 25 and a wintry mix. One Saturday at Huntsville - where the reace is located - is supposed to be a hi of 52. As long as it isn't wet I think that temp will be comfortable..,, now when it is 35 at start time it might be cold!

    Thanks for the well wishes I will try and get a race report up on Saturday night if I am not too wiped out!