Sunday, December 20, 2009

Week One, Day Seven: 1:30 Trainer + Week One Recap

Here are the stats for training week one:

Planned Training:
Swim - 1hr 40 minutes
Bike - 3hr 15 minutes
Run - 2hr 10 minutes
Totals - 7:05

Actual Training:
Swim - 1hr 55 minutes (4400 meters)
Bike - 4hr 45 minutes
Run - 1hr 10 minutes (6.5 miles)
Totals - 7:50

I was scheduled to do 9 workouts this week and ended up doing 10. Since my knees were sore I skipped my final hour run and replaced it with a bike workout and then added an additional bike workout on my rest day. After week one my body is feeling really good and my knees are feeling much improved.

Today's workout was on the fluid trainer for an hour and a half. I was going to watch the Ironman World Championships but decided to wait until noon so I could watch football. I am in the semi finals in one of my fantasy football leagues so I wanted to ride and jump from game to game on the DirecTV Season Ticket package! As for the ride it was very good. The games passed the time and I spend a good portion of my ride in the aero position. My program called for an easy workout so I spent most of the time in the small ring but would bump up to the large ring for 5 minute intervals just to get the HR up. Not sure how I am going to do these long Sunday rides when football season is over? Oh and I am up by 53 points in my game going into tonight's CAR vs MIN game. My opponent has Adrian Peterson but 53 points is a hell of a lot to make up - so it looks like I am headed to the championship!!! Thank you Andre Johnson and Aaron Rodgers for great days! Oh and if you did not watch the PIT vs GB game you missed a gem. One of the best games I have ever watched and Big Ben just stepped up and carried that team on his back - amazing performance!

Tomorrow is a 40 minute run and a 40 minute swim. I am going to do the run in the morning and am a little nervous. I think my knees feel better but will not know for sure until I get out there and run. I am even more nervous about the swim! Not sure if I can handle another 40 minutes in that cold pool. I hope they got it fixed and warmed up because I might have to raise hell if they don't!

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  1. How long did it take for you to start spending decent amount of time in the aero position? I am struggling with this now. Nice training logs!

  2. Jason - I am still struggling to stay in the aero position. Each time on the bike I make a concerted effort to work on staying aero. Each time it is getting better and a little easier. On my last ride I had my garmin on and whenever I'd think about sitting up I'd look at my watch and say "one more minute", I'd sit up get a drink and then go right back down. I am hopeful that it will eventually just become natural!