Thursday, December 17, 2009

Week One, Day Four: 1 HR on Trainer

I woke up this morning and had the itch to go run. I logged onto the computer and saw comments in my email from yesterday's post about my recent trouble with recovering. One of the comments was from my buddy Boomer (ProjectExercise) and he suggested that I give the legs a little more rest based on his experience when he was doing marathon training. Normally, I am a meat head but Boomer is a meat head too! So if he thinks I should give it a little more time that is pretty good advice!

So instead of a joint bashing run I got an hour in on my Fluid Trainer. I kept my heart rate around 135 bpm and worked on a higher cadence in the small ring. At the 30 minute mark I shifted to the large ring and mashed for about 15 minutes and then cooled down in the small ring again. I had two fans on my today and it really made a big difference. I started to watch the movie, "21". It is about the MIT students that came up with a system to win at blackjack in Vegas. It is a half decent movie so far. I will finish it off tomorrow morning as I have another 45 minutes scheduled on the trainer. The first movie I watch on the trainer was "Terminator: Salvation" and it was shit. Very disappointing -- basically it was Christian Bale talking in his batman voice about a plot and screenplay that were just ill conceived. I hated it it!

Tomorrow calls for 45 minutes cycling and 30 minutes swimming. I am going to cycle in the wee hours of the morning before work and then hit the pool before we go out to dinner for my wife's birthday.

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  1. An hour on the trainer is pretty good. It helps to be engaged in a good movie. Actually I liked 21.

    My meat head days may be behind me after the injury. I have been a meat head for more years since high school (back in the stone age). I think all the years I beat up my body in the military are catching up with me!

    Its cool though, because now I can enjoy your workout regime! Not to mention reading about Steve's insane Tabata training.

  2. Curious...does your trainer make a ton of noise? Back in my riding days, the couple living below me in my apartment complained so I had to time it when they left for work.

    My son said "21" is a good movie. Right up his alley. He's a geek and I can see him and his buds devising a similar strategy.

    Boomer, you want insane? Look up "Crossfit Oahu" videos on Youtube. They were some of the first tabata videos that gave me inspiration for what I'm doing now.

  3. Steve... thanks for the info on Crossfit Oahu. I just checked them out. They are insane! I had no idea this club existed here on Oahu. I gotta get me a Gymboss.