Saturday, December 19, 2009

Week One, Day Five: 45 Minutes on the Trainer

Today is my wife Annie's Birthday -- Happy Birthday Annie!

Yesterday evening we went out to dinner with some friends to celebrate so this meant I only had time for a morning workout on the trainer. My plan was to cut out of work early and get 30 minutes in the pool but it was to busy to do that so the swim workout is going to happen today. Even though today is a scheduled rest day I really feel like I should go do the swim. Since I have limited my running my body is feeling quite strong so if I was to ever skip a rest day this would be the day to do it!

I finished watching, "21" on the trainer yesterday and it ended up being a decent movie. The ending was a little predictable but overall it was entertaining enough to take my mind off of the mindless pedaling on the bike and really that is all I can ask for!

Today I am going to focus on the Drills from "The Essential Triathlon Swimming DVD" again. I will do the drills for a few hundred meters and then do some intervals. Nothing real intense, just a nice easy spin.

Also, if anyone is interested, NBC is airing the Kona Ironman at 4:30 EST time this afternoon. I have watched it the last few years and really enjoyed it - even before I started doing Triathlon. If you are finding yourself in a bit of a workout "rut" with the wacky holiday season upon you and need some motivation to get you going then watching this is an absolute must! The stories alone are enough motivation to get you through Spring!

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  1. ...and a Happy Birthday to Annie from me as well!

    If your body feels like it can handle a workout and you're due a rest day, I'm all for doing the workout. We've all taken unplanned rest days when our bodies have felt burned out, yet we're scheduled to do Plyo X or an 18-mile run.

    So the opposite holds true. Rest day? Feelin' great? Then get in a workout!

  2. Very true Steve. At this point we all know ourselves pretty good and this ain't our first rodeo anymore!