Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Recovery Day 3 + New Trainer

Today was a good day. I was actually able to walk - which is something I used to take for granted! In all seriousness my legs are feeling much better. I've only taken 8 Advil so far today so that is a huge improvement. I am still moving pretty slow but nothing like Sunday or Monday. I had a good nights sleep and have been periodically stretching my legs throughout the day. Hopefully by the weekend I can get a run in with Annie as she continues her marathon training.

As I am out working people keep asking if I am okay since I am a gimp right now. I tell them why and they all either tell me I am crazy or give me that look that I am crazy. Here is how the conversations all have gone:

Client: "Jeff, you okay? Did you hurt your leg?"
Jeff: "I am fine. I did a 31 mile trail run and my legs are just a little beat up."
Client: "You did what?"
Jeff: "31 mile trail run."
Client: (response #1) "That is amazing ..... You are crazy!"
Client: (response #2) "You are f***ing crazy!"
Client: (response #3) raises eyebrows, squints eyes, stares at me for a brief period, slowly walks away shaking head ...

Since I was able to move a little better today and I didn't exercise after work I needed to spend my time productively doing something. Soooo ... I put my CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer together and hooked up the Quintana Roo to it!

And since it didn't really happen with out pics here is my Trainer setup that will get me through a lot of my winter training:

The Top pic is of the CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer. The middle is the side profile of my bike in the Trainer. The bottom one is the view of the TV from the the saddle - not sure who the heck that is on the TV?

Now even though my legs are in major recovery mode I still had to try it out. I slid on my shoes and clipped in for a couple minutes and it felt awesome. It was amazing to me how realistic it felt to be on the bike. The trainer is going to be great. Boring, but great!

It is going to sit for a few days while I let myself get better. I might even take the bike out of the trainer so I am not tempted to jump on!

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  1. That looks like a sweet trainer! It'll be good to use that on rainy days.

    Good to hear that your legs are recovering nicely. Your clients just don't get it! And that's a good thing or else that's just one more person you'd have to run around out in the middle of the woods!

  2. Client repsonse #4... You Da Man!!!

    Nice trainer. I have seen people on their trainer without a TV, however, I don't know how they do it. I HAVE to watch my TV when I am on it and it has to be a good show. I DVR shows just for the trainer.

  3. Awesome bike and trainer. One thing you may want to add to your "set up" is a fan. I have a fan pointed at me when I ride my trainer because after a few minutes the sweat comes since you are indoors and not getting the breeze from an actual ride. At least you can catch up on all you DVR recordings lol.

  4. Steve - that is true. Need to keep these trail runs a secret or everyone is going to want to do it!!

    Boomer - I got my netflix que loaded up with stuff to watch. I was thinking of doing "The Wire" from start to finish. I watched it when it was on HBO and it is still the best show ever on television. It is an emotionally draining show to watch so it might not be good for trainer workouts!

    W - I have a fan I thought would do the job but i plugged it in and it won't work!! Crap ... gonnahave to head up to the WalMart and get the biggest one I can find.

  5. I actually just bought some of the Spinervals videos so I could watch TV and get some motivation at the same time. I will let you know how I like them.

  6. Mike .. Please let me know what you think about Spinervals! I've heard mixed reviews!