Saturday, December 26, 2009

Week Two, Day Six: No Workout at all

I had a bunch of housekeeping to do for my Real Estate company today: contract signing, pickup keys, signs, and lockbox in MidTown, pay some bills, pay ourselves. Nothing extremely time consuming as a single item but as a whole it took most of the morning and afternoon. But I had my bag with all my swim gear in the trunk so I could just stop at the gym when I finished up. It was about 5:45 when I walked into the gym and I saw the "Holiday Hours" sign that said they closed at 6pm on Saturday. Just great! I think they are taking liberties with the Holiday Hours thing. Last I checked the day after Christmas is not a holiday?

So now that my swim is not going to happen I go home. I was thinking about jumping on the bike but 1.5 hours is scheduled for the morning so I passed. Not a good training day.

And I did pretty good with my nutrition up until Christmas Eve. We went to a friends house and they had tons of homemade comfort food which I indulged. Then yesterday we went to another dinner and once again I ate everything. Even worse then the food was all the beer I had. Before I started with P90x I used to drink a few beers a night and that was probably how I gained most of my weight. Once I started this new lifestyle I pretty much just quit drinking. I'll occasionally have a beer or wine every now and again but for the most part I just quit.

Well, I am paying for it today because I just feel like garbage. Not a hungover garbage more like how my body used to feel garbage! But that is all behind me now because today was back to eating clean. The good news is I weighed myself this morning and my weight was 150lbs even. So I didn't gain a pound!

Tomorrow is a ride on the trainer for 1.5 hours. I plan on watching the NFL pre-game shows and get ready for the Steelers vs Ravens game. I am also in the championship game of my fantasy football league so I might be making some last minute roster changes. First place is $600 so I am going to be sweating this out all day!

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