Sunday, December 27, 2009

Week Two, Day Seven: 1.5 Hr Trainer + Week Two Recap

Week 2 Training Recap:

Planned Training for Week Two:
Swim: 1 hr 40 mins
Bike: 3 hr 15 mins
Run: 2 hr 10 mins
Planned Totals: 7:05 hrs

Actual Training for Week Two:
Swim: 40 mins
Bike: 3 hr
Run: 2 hr 20 mins (15.12 miles)
Actual Training: 6:00 hrs

After ripping off 1.5 hours on the trainer this morning I decided to look at my training calendar on I ended up missing two swim workouts this week due to the reduced holiday hours at my gym. The first one was my fault because I completely forgot to change my schedule around on Christmas day, of course the gym wasn't going to be open! But the one I missed on Saturday the gym had reduced hours again. Usually they are open until 10pm but they closed at 6pm yesterday due to the holiday schedule. I will plan better with the New Years week.

Overall I am pleased with the 1/2 Ironman Training program that I am following. Already after two weeks I can tell a difference in my bike performance and stamina. Not to sure with the swimming yet because I have been doing a lot of drills to improve my form. But I am a little concerned with the lack of run miles per week. Before starting this plan I was doing 35-40 miles per week running and this last week I only did 15 miles. Not sure if I should increase the miles myself or just keep following the plan until it calls for an increase. Maybe during my runs if I am feeling good I will just continue running a few extra miles?

Oh, I need a big performance out of the Dallas Defense tonight to win my fantasy football league. Freaking Addai getting pulled in the 2nd Qtr just crushed me and Aaron Rodgers only tossing one TD didn't help either!

Tomorrow is a 40 minute run in the morning and then a 40 minute swim in the evening.

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  1. Jeff, stick to the plan. The mileage will increase as necessary over time. Don't burn yourself out. I'm sure your run fitness level is a little higher than expected based upon your previous marathon training, but throwing all three disciplines together will take a toll on your body. And remember, you only have to run 13.1 miles.

  2. Your regimen is super inspiring to those of us whose workouts consist of yoga 4x/week (but it's tough yoga!). I'd try tri training but I hate to run...
    weight loss

  3. You can probably trust the schedule.

    Hey, 1.5 hours on the trainer. Man, you are like a machine. I have done 1 hour on the trainer, but going any longer would bore me to tears. For me the trainer is more mental endurance than physical endurance.

    Good job!

  4. I'd stick with the plan and resist tacking on extra miles when you feel like it. The plan will take you where you need to be.

    Got Vince Flynn's "Pursuit of Honor" for Christmas - have you read that one yet? The wife has already ripped it from my night stand and is reading it I won't get it until early 2010.

  5. Todd - I think I have that marathon training beat into my head. That 35-40 mpw number was when I was feeling my best. Running hasn't been as enjoyable since the 50k, partially physical, partially mental. But you are right in that the distance is shorter so I will just stick to it!

    Stephanie - Yoga 4x a week would be extremely difficult for me. I used to do it 1-2x a week when I was doing P90X and it was humbling.

  6. Boomer - The trainer isn't so bad if you have something on the tube to watch. With all the shows coming back in January I will have the Tivo ready to roll.

    Steve - "Pursuit of Honor" was a pretty good read. It is sort of a sequel to the last book (can't remember the name) about a terrorist attack in Wash DC. Vince Flynn is an excellent writer who really does a great job of ripping stories from the headlines and putting a thinly veiled conservative perspective on them. All through the eyes of a CIA operative, Mitch
    Rapp, who would make Jack Bauer pee his pants!