Monday, December 28, 2009

Week Three, Day One: 40 min Swim + 40 min Run

I just realized that I have become, "That Guy!" You know the guy you see walking around in speedos and lycra? Yep that is now me. And the best part is I really do not care because the stuff is so darn comfortable!

What got me thinking about this is that I went for my 40 minute run at 7:30 tonight and it was 42 degrees out. I put on my form fitting long sleeve DriFit shirts and then put a yellow tech tee on top of that for the bright color (gotta be vi sable at night!). And without even thinking twice I tossed on the Under Armor running tights. These things are just awesome at keeping you warm while wicking away sweat. So, I am about a 1/2 mile into my run and I come across a neighbor/buddy of mine on the sidewalk. We talk for a few seconds and as I am jogging away he says, "Nice tights!" thinking he is one funny guy .... now Jeff of a year ago would have been embarrassed. Heck, I never would have worn tights a year ago! But tonight I just turned around and said, "Your just jealous I pull this look off so damn well!

Anyways, I did an nice RPE 3 paced run this evening. It was 4.62 miles in 40 minutes. Quick math tells me that is an 8:40 ish pace. Around 4pm today I went to the gym and got in 1500 meters in 40 minutes. I did less drills today and focused on my form and bilateral breathing while swimming moderate paced laps. I am now doing most of my swimming using bilateral breathing. If only I wasn't so slow!

About an hour ago Annie and I found a 1/2 Marathon in Sugarland, TX (about 45 mins from our house) on January 10th and signed up for it. Since she is doing the Higdon marathon training plan anyways this will be good for her long run day. My long run is supposed to be 1 hr 30 mins that week so it works out good for both of us. For me I am planning on running an easy 9 minute pace and using this as a base training day. The idiot in me will want to run a lot harder but I'll have to fight the idiot when the gun sounds. The reason is that I do not want to run a hard pace and then not be able to give my all in the next week's training. If I run hard my body will need some time to recover! I plan on running the Austin 1/2 mary hard and have that built in to my training plan already.

Tomorrow is a 30 minute run and a 1 hour cycle. I have a very early morning scheduled with work so I will probably do the run around 5pm and then hit the bike around 9pm!

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p.s. - my fantasy team lost! I am bummed!


  1. Sorry to hear about your fantasy team.

    It's a rare breed that can pull off the neoprene and spandex tight look. I was surprised at how comfortable they were - you don't have cotton bouncing all over the place when you're running (which is aggravating) and you won't get sawn in half while riding a bike either.

  2. I ran across your blog from Sounds like your training is going well!

  3. Steve - I love this clothing. It is so comfortable. Cotton has pretty much been banished from my casual wardrobe!

    Hi TX Runner Mom - Thanks for stopping by! Nice to see another Houston person. I checked out your blog and seems like you are putting the training in too! Good luck with the 2010 season!

  4. Ahh! The Robin Hood look. Of course, you can't really pull it off unless you get one of those cool hats!