Monday, February 2, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 13: Kenpo X

Enjoyed my Kenpo workout on Saturday. Had a very good sweat going and I burned a total of 432 calories.

My diet was awful on Saturday. We went to a rodeo in Humble and it was the BBQ cookoff day! We ended up at a tent eating BBQ like crazy. It was a lot of protein and that was good but all the beer was not. I had about ten too many!!

The weird thing is that my body is still burning fat like crazy. On Sunday morning I weighted 163lbs and my Body Fat Percentage is 16%.

On Monday I am starting the Cell Mass and Nitrix. And I am stopping Wheybolic Extreme 60 and creatine. Hopefully, I can gain a little bit of lean bulk!

Sunday is the Rest Day and Monday is Chest, Back, and Ab Ripper X.

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