Sunday, October 12, 2008

P90X Day 36: Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps + Ab Ripper X

It is good to be home! I spent most of today flying but when I got home it was P90X time.

Over the weekend I was able to stick pretty close to the diet. However, I did have a grilled hotdog on Friday night at around 2am - And it was glorious!

Today I brought protein bars for the planes and bottled water for my snacks. I had a chicken and broccili at an asian place for lunch and had grilled chicken fajatis with low carb shells for dinner. I was a little under the calories for the day but still maintained less than 20% fat.

Todays workout was pretty tough for me. I was exhausted but had to get it in. The one armed push-ups at the end almost killed me. And my left shoulder is still hurting like hell. I try not to think about it during the workouts but afterwards it just aches. I have been icing it but that doesn't seem to be doing anything. I might try some icy hot tomorrow.

Anyways, Plyo is the Monday workout and I always look forward to this ass kicker. It sort of sets the tone for the entire week!

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  1. It most have been nice to work out with Mike over the weekend. I assume that you had a blast in Atlantic City. Hope that your shoulder feels better. Mine has been bothering me a little bit lateley along with my elbow. I am hoping that Today my first rest day, since i have been doing stretch X will help to make it feel a little bit better. Good Luck w/ Plyo

  2. Hey Matt,
    We had a good time in AC. Maybe too much of a good time on Friday night!

    I tried to find your photos again with no luck at all! If you post the link again make sure you are logged off the site. I think when the link posted the first time it had a password code so I couldn't view it.


  3. Oh and good luck with the shoulder and elbow - sure the rest will do you good. I tried some icy hot and it is giving me a little relief maybe it could help you also!

    It is frustrating to get injured just be careful to to hurt other parts of your body trying to over compensate for the shoulder and elbow!