Tuesday, October 14, 2008

P90X Day 38: Back and Biceps - Ab Ripper X

I have now been doing P90X for 38 glorious days and throughout this entire blog I have not mentioned my committed daily workout partners: Ernie (right) and Bailey (left)!

They have been with me since the beginning and everyday they relax on the couch and intensely watch me with a,"What the hell is he doing?" expression on their faces!

The reason I mentioned my pugs today was that during Ab Ripper X when I was lying on my back doing fifer scissors Ernie decided it would be fun to jump directly from the couch to my stomach. Ernie is a 32 lb pug! It was much more fun for him than me. I really think he was just trying to encourage me on my workout because I was grunting away on the damn fifer scissors when he came to my rescue!

Anyways, good workout today. This was only the 2nd time that I did the Back and Biceps exercise and it is turning into on of my favorite. I increased most of my reps on the bands today and also tried to use the greens (40lbs) instead of the reds (30lbs) on most of the biceps exercises. I also just destroyed it on the pullup bar today! My shoulder feels great since I started using the Icy Hot and I was really able to bring it. Even the damn corn cobb pull-ups weren't too bad - I did 8 reps. And on the final Pullups Tony has us Max Out on any type of grip. I did wide grip because those give me the most burn but my form is very good. I was able to do 14 wide grips on the last exercise and it felt great.

did okay with the nutrition program today except I went out of order a little. I had the protein shake with a wheat english muffin for breakfast and then a midday snack around 10am. I was in a procedure with a Doctor from 10-12:30 and had to hustle to get to my next appointment. So, instead of of missing lunch I ate a couple of pieces of turkey jerky and another protein bar in the car around 1pm. I finished up a couple of more appointments and actually had the turkey sandwich on wheat at around 4:30 that would have been my lunch! I came home, worked out and then had a big old Turkey, Ham, Cheese, and fat free ranch Chef Salad with carrots and an apple for dinner while slamming the delicious P90X recovery drink.

Tomorrow is Yoga. I am leaving for San Antonio around lunch time so I plan on doing the Yoga around 6am. I am going to bring all my tubs of shakes and drinks, my mat and my bands and we will see how this sucker works in a hotel room! I received my door attachments to make my bands usable for doing pullups! The directions attached made zero sense and I am going to have to go online and figure out how to make it work. My buddy Ryan, who I work with, is going to do the workouts with me on Thurs, Fri and Sat to see how he like the P90X. He has been working out and eating right for the last couple of months so he is ready to Bring It!

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  1. -Jeff
    I almost finished the whole ab ripper without stopping last night. I got all the way to the mason twists before my abs gave out at 28 reps. I can't wait to finally beat it in the near future. Wow those pull-up numbers are awesome I can only do around 12 or so and a few more on chin-ups. I am really starting to see the fat fall off of me now. My abs are starting to "pop" out and i am definantly within reach of the mythical six pack. Anyways keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Jeff,

    Cute little doggies you have there. Fifer Scissors is more like fight for scissors, yeah?

    I use Tiger Balm when I start feeling the pain. I'm kind of forgetful, so when I get around to rubbing it on I'm usually pretty warmed up. At this time, the pores of the skin are enlarged and the Tiger Balm really penetrates through the skin. The effect of the Tiger Balm should be immediate. I guess it's like icy hot but more intense and soothing.

    Well, that's my take on Tiger Balm.

    Tai Chi Monkey Girl signing out.

  3. -Tai Chi Monkey Girl

    I used to have some tiger Balm. Needless to say it worked awesome. Do you know any stores that carry it? I looked for it online, but w/ shipping it was kind of ridiculously priced. Anyways, I would appreciate the help.....

  4. Can you just buy the tiger balm at a walgreens or RiteAide?

  5. Actually, I was at Walgreens looking for something else and I was amazed that I came across it. Well, at least in Florida at the one I gone to had it. But my Tai Chi friends were able to find it at other Walgreens location. Hopefully, you guys will find it near you.

    Tai Chi Monkey Girl