Thursday, October 30, 2008

P90X Day 54: Core Synergistics!!!

Hey guys,

I hope everyone is doing well out there in the P90X-iverse!

Weighed myself this morning and I am down to 168 lbs -- 13 lb loss so far -- actually a little more than I wanted!

Had an interesting day today. I woke up at about 5:30am because I had an early appointment. I got showered and dressed and made myself a Whey Protein shake and a whole wheat bagel and walked out to the garage and the first thing I noticed was the completely flat tire on my wife's car .... lovely way to start the morning. So, I calmly ate my breakfast and went in the house and changed into old clothes and put the spare on her car. She had to be at work early today also so she took my car and I went to Firestone tire. Well, it ended up she had the worlds largest nail stuck in the tire and it could not be plugged and the other front tire was pretty worn also so I got two new tires! I was able to reschedule my morning appointment for later in the day so no big loss except for in my wallet for the new tires!

The Firestone guys worked quickly and I was able to get on the road pretty early still. I had a protein bar for a snack and then took a Doctor out to lunch and I had a grilled chicken breast with broccoli and corn and water as my drink. I had a cheese stick and some celery sticks with a teaspoon of peanut butter for the afternoon snack and we are cooking up some baked chicken and wild rice for dinner that is marinated in garlic sesame sauce. Very solid nutrition day overall! Close to 3000 calories.

When I got home today I felt good and had more energy than I thought I would. I still took 2 scoops of SuperPump to help with my intensity and went right into Core Synergistics. Tony says over and over again that the word of the day is, "ENGAGE"! So, I focused on engaging my core muscles during all the exercises and it was awesome as usual. I rocked my favorite SUPERMAN......BANANA today and even felt good after the squat/kickback/curl/lift thingy. That on still makes me sweat like crazy. The Steam Engines also just kick the crap out of me and I absolutely love it!

Annie walked in the door today right as I was finishing and she started laughing and called me Richard Simmons. The reason is I haven't had a hair cut in a while and so I found a sweatband and put it around my head. I figured it would help with the sweat in my eyes and it did -- highly recommend the sweatband!!! However, she found it quite funny because my hair was a frizzed out mess. Whatever, she can laugh all she wants because I just do my best and forget the rest!!!

Oh, I had an email asking how my shoulder was doing? It is feeling much better. The cardio/rest week was just what was needed. It is still a little sore and I am tiger balming up every day but it is no longer killing me like it was last week. I feel like I am in good shape to give 100% for the remaining 4 weeks of the program. Five days until new Pics!!

Tomorrow is the excruciatingly boring Yoga X. I think I am going to get up very early and do this in the morning. This way I will be half asleep through most of it!

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  1. With the weight loss....I have also lost a little more than I wanted to. I am down from 186 to 177. It's looking like I may get down to around 173 or 174ish by the end. I have been hopping around some messageboards and the general consensus is let your body do what its gonna do...focus on one thing at a time. After intitially losing weight you can always put on muscle. I am still a little flabergasted to see that you love Core Synergystics.....if anything I love to hate it.....the richard simmons thing is funny also...keep puttin in your all

  2. Matt, I think you are right about the weight loss. let it happen! ... it is much easier to put it on than take it off!!! If I continue at this rate I am going to be in the low 160's at the end of 90 days! However, since you and me are getting ready to up our carb intake we may stablize or even gain a lb or 2. I knew imagined I would drop 13 lbs eating 2700 calories a day so Phase 3 should be interesting for us both and our weight!

    I am not sure why I like core syn so much? Probably because I struggle through a lot of it so in my mind that means I am really working my ass off!

    I am going to do cardio x instead of yoga today -- I have a ton of energy right now!