Monday, October 20, 2008

P90X Day 44: Plyometrics

Another day, another ass kicking!

Plyo day is always one of my favorite days of the week. It is by far the hardest workout on all the P90X DVDs. It is non-stop cardio and Tony Horton just makes you bring it. I was completely exhausted after the workout today. I mean I was like as worn down as I was after day 2 of P90X! But after a shower and the awesomely delicious P90X recovery drink I felt great.

I started out my morning with a vanilla protein shake. Unfortunately for me it ended up on the floor when my two pugs knocked it off the coffee table and went to town on it -- little bastards!

I had already cleaned out the blender and decided to have whole grain english muffins with peanut butter instead. I had my mid-morning Protein bar and then a huge chicken sandwich on wheat. I followed that up with another 250 calorie protein bar for a snack and then Annie and I went out to dinner. I had a grilled BBQ chicken breast with a sweat potato and mixed veggies -- it was very good. With the BBQ sauce I estimated that it was about 700-800 calories.

One thing I don't think I have talked about too much is the beverages I have been drinking. Well, it is pretty simple: water, water, water and more water! Seriously, you have to drink tons of water on this program. They talk about it in the P90X fitness guide and say to drink 8 plus glasses a day. I bet I am averaging 10-12 glasses a day! Just to mix it up I will toss some Propel or Crystal Light into the water. This is the little singles packets and they taste very good. I never was much of a soda drinker so this hasn't been all that difficult for me. But I do like my beer and I have had maybe four beers since I started this program. If you can drink light beer in moderation each one is only around 100 calories and 5 carbs, but make it a 6-pack and you are blowing up the nutrition part of the program --which is why when I have decided to have a beverage it is vodka mixed with either sugar free red bull or tonic water. Very low on calories! And since my body is so hydrated I actually feel very good the next morning -- which is nice!

Tomorrow is biceps and shoulders -- glory muscles day -- I will probably do this workout around 7pm.

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  1. Man I woke up at 4 and pumped out Cardio X this morning. It is getting particularly cold around here(NC). Well at least at 4am it is. Today is the first day i wore some gym pants to work out in. They weighed my legs down a little bit but not much. I am looking forward to pushing things this week since the program switches into recovery mode next week, I want to bring it extra hard! Anyways keep up the good work!

  2. Morning work outs rock! (Yes this is my preworkout supplement, NO3 Overload, talking) While I am not on the P90X workout, I am a friend of Jeffs and join him daily for sweat pumping workouts. You could say I spurned him on to the fitness kick.....anyway....I did my usual cardio and have traded in my old Tony Whorton Ab Burner for the Ab Ripper X that Jeff taught me last week.....Holy Kick My Butt Batman...I have a long way to go on that....but as with anything in fitness, you gotta keep IMPROVING! That is what life is all about...improve in all you do!

    This is Guru Ryan saying, "Peace and happiness to all who read." LOL

  3. Hi guys,

    Waking early and working out in the morning is the hardest thing for me. None of my body parts want to move or participate in any movements. I like to do all my workout after work and in the evenings.

    Oh, I finally joined the bloggers community. Check my blog out.

    It'll be nice to get some support from you guys, fellow fitness junkies.

    Tai Chi Monkey Girl

  4. You guys are crazy getting up that early, crazy dedicated!

    Ryan is no stranger to Tony Horton, he asked me last week if Dreya was in the P90X videos. I said, "Yes, and she flies through the air with the greatest of ease!".

    Tai Chi - Nice blog! I posted you up under my Blog links page - it really helps with the motivation to know other are reading and if you slack you will not only let yourself down but them as well!