Saturday, October 25, 2008

P90X Day 49: Rest Day

Sort of a rest day!

I went to the gym with Annie today and did "Spinning" with her. It was a pretty good cardio workout. Especially since I just finished up kenpo and legs and back on two consecutive days. I got a real good burn in my thighs by the end of spinning. I would say it was about the equivalent of kenpo in terms of difficulty but not even close to Plyo!

My only complaint about Spinning was the liberal use of Spandex by the other participants and instructor. The makers of Spandex need to put a size limit on their shorts!

Tonight we are going to a Halloween party. Annie and I are going as the Bobby's from Talladega Nights! I am Ricky Bobby and she is Carly Bobby. I even found a WonderBread Nascar Uniform. It is pretty funny!

Anyways, tomorrow is the beginning of the low impact "Rest Week". However, we all know it isn't much of a rest. I start tomorrow with Yoga (h0-hum). I am going to get up early before football and slowly meander through Yoga and this is the last time I will complain about Yoga (at least in this post (-:).

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  1. Here is my blog post today: MAy need a pep talk.......
    Morning: Today was the first day in a month that i did not have to get up at 6:15 or earlier. I slept in until 9. This threw my whole day off. I have usually already had 2 meals by this time. Anyways I did Cardio X and it went fine. I actually was able to do the dreya rolls a little better this morning.

    Evening: I ate a sub w/ an excess of jalopenos a few hours before I worked out. I think this was a bad idea. I was also just mentally off. I felt like stopping alot, I did push through however, I was dissappointed in myself for even considering quiting. My stomach was upset/burning throughout the majority of the Workouts. I did a little worse on my pull ups/ by 1 or 2 on some excercises. During Ab Ripper my legs were extra heavy for the excercises like bicycles, in and outs, crunchy frog. I have been leaning further back on the crunchy frogs which makes them much harder. I made it through all of the excercises except the mason twists again.... this time getting up to 37 reps. I feel more like my back was giving out than my abs. Overall it was not a good day for me mentally or physically. I just gotta remember to keep pushing play I guess.

    Good Note: Got some 35 and 40 lb weights which should be good for some of the back excercises, shoulder presses and eventually biceps(maybe 35lb by the 2nd round). I actually already need heavier weights for the back rows(lawnmowers) and locomotives. Oh well at almost a dollar a pound, Santa will have to make a special visit this Christmas.

  2. Hey Matt -- We all go through days like that. Your body was telling you to take some extra rest and you did it! You gotta listen to your body or you will burnout. The downside is that your eating schedule gets screwed up and just like dominoes falling so does your workout!

    The good news is that you didn't quit even though you felt like it. You kept going and that is all that counts -- keep pushing play!

    So, go back at it today because you have a new goal
    and that is actually being able to use those 35-40lb DBS!!

  3. Thanks for the positive outlook. It's time to buckle down and prepare for the final phase! Lets do it!