Thursday, October 16, 2008

P90X Day 40: Rest Day/Ab Ripper X

Okay, so I needed to do something this morning and decided it would be good to not miss Ab Ripper X.

I figure I can do the Back and Legs exercise tomorrow morning. We don't have to be at the convention until 9am so I will have ample time to get this in. I have all my resistance bands with me and will be trying out the door attachment to do the pullup portion of the workout!

Anyways, my buddy Ryan did the ABX with me today. We hooked up the laptop in the hotel room and brought the hell out of it. Ryan liked ABX so much he took the DVD and burned it to his hard drive for future use! Yes, the members of Metallica would be disappointed by this act of piracy!

I have to admit that doing the ABX by itself was much easier than after an hour workout. I pretty much nailed everything today -- even that bitch fifer scissors! By doing the ABX today I still keep the schedule for it and save a little time tomorrow morning doing back and legs.

So far today I was able to really stick to the diet. I had a protein shake for breakfast (I brought my blender!), a protein bar for a snack, a grilled Chicken kabob for lunch with a little rice, another protein bar for the midday snack and we are headed off to a Mexican Restaurant for dinner. I will have to be really careful here with the chips and dip and beer .... I am going to order water, I am going to order water... (if I keep saying it hopefully it will happen).

I will let you know how the door attachment works tomorrow!

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