Sunday, October 19, 2008

P90X Day 43: Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps + Ab Ripper X

Annie and I slept in to about 9am this morning and it was glorious! I was very wore done from all the travel and work from the last week and I really needed the extra rest.

The good news is that the rest paid off in dividends for today's workout. I had a vanilla protein shake once I rolled out of bed and a 1/2 hour later I took my SuperPump 250 and then went into the Chest, Shoulders and Triceps DVD. I increased both the chair dips and the plange push-ups reps by a good amount this week (click here to see the workout tracker). I also added four reps to the Y presses and three reps to the one-armed push-ups. The weighted circles killed me today. You grab a weight (5lbs) and hold both arms out and make small circles. You do this for 40 circles alternating front and back circles every 10. I was literally dripping sweat about 20 circles in!! I was able to Bring the hell out of it today!

I then jumped right into Ab Ripper X and had my best day to date. I actually got through the entire 25 Fifer Scissors with out taking a couple of rep break. First time this happened and I felt very good about it. The oblique raises were actually the hardest exercise for me today. I had trouble in the beginning with the form on this exercise and I now finally have it down and it just burns -- a good burn.

We had a grilled chicken salad with fat free ranch for for dinner and a huge turkey sandwich on whole grain wheat for lunch. I had a couple of protein bars for my snacks and watched a ton of football games and the Steelers rip-up on the Bungals. Very good day!

Tomorrow is the always awesome Plyometrics!

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  1. Posting from my wife's computer, so there is no pic. But it's about time you managed to get through the fifer Scissors you big wussy! I've been crushing Ab Ripper x for weeks now. Where you been?


  2. -Jeff

    I have just recently started to get through the fifer scissors this week also. Man does it feel like a huge accomplishment. I still have to get a few more reps on the mason twists, before I can say that I make it all the way through without breaking, but I expect that should happen sometime this week! Keep up the good work, we are almost half way there!

  3. You guys are awesome! I'm still struggling along, 33% complete. Saturday, I was at a BBQ and had like 4 margaritas, oops. I had a blast.

    Sunday was my 30 day milestone, side-by-side comparison was more obvious from the back view. So, even with a little cheats here and there, I still see some evidential changes in my body structure. Pretty successful! 60 days more to go before next round starts. I still want to see more changes. I think I am addicted to seeing the transformation of my body.

    Tai Chi Monkey Girl reporting.

  4. Matt ... we are getting close to half way done! Mike has been giving me shit about not being able to get through the fifer's so it is nice to know I wasn't alone!! Congrats on completing them because fifer is a killer ..keep on bringing it buddy!

  5. Tai Chi Monkey Girl -
    Nice job on the first 30 days! I wish I could say it gets easier but all of us would know I was lying (-:

    Don't worry about the margaritias, you deserve to have some fun since you are working so hard.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Damn right I've been giving you shit about it! Like I said in my blog, if you don't feel like you're going to puke at the end of the Ab Ripper, then you didn't push it hard enough! BRING IT!