Thursday, October 23, 2008

P90X Day 47: Legs and Back - Ab Ripper X

Solid day today. Started off my morning with the old faithful whey protein shake with banana. I had a protein bar for the morning snack and a cheese stick and celery with peanut butter for the afternoon snacks. Lunch was a big old chicken sandwich on whole grain wheat. Dinner was grilled chicken with the low fat 7g mission tortillas while drinking my recovery drink. Good balance of carbs and protein today and kept the fat around 20% of total!

Today's leg and back workout was decent. This is the last high impact workout I have for 8 days since the Recovery week begins on Sunday. With this in mind and the fact that my shoulder has been tender I did not kill myself on the pullup bar today. I still was able to get in 12-14 reps on all the exercises but I decided not to push for the extra rep or two that I have been doing to save the shoulder. However, I didn't take the same approach with the lunges and calf raises and really banged those exercises out! My legs are tired but a good tired! Oh, and I finally found some TIGER BALM and it is on right now and it is AWESOME. (Thanks Tai Chi Girlie!)

Got through all of ABX again today. Focusing on breathing has really helped and now I am trying to keep my form perfect. The only real issue I am having is the oblique raises - I moved off the hip and a little more on my ass like Tony and it is very hard now. Form is everything I guess! And the mason twists still wreck me.

Tomorrow is Kenpo X and I am excited. I have to leave the house around 6am tomorrow so I will probably workout before dinner.

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  1. Yeah dude. Tiger Balm is great. I use it all the time. Here's my advice. Use the Tiger Balm during the day/at night, etc. It lasts longer and smells nicer. Use the Icy Hot right before you workout. It absorbs faster but wears off quicker. Just my two cents. I use mineral ice now before soccer games on my hip flexors and knee. But when I'm sore and achey, I use the tiger balm as therapy after and while I'm not at soccer.

  2. Man you guys are kicking my butt on the ab ripper. I have to get these darn mason twists down....I keep getting stuck in the 30s. The good news is the fifer hasn't been nearly as hard as I remember. Speaking about getting old and falling apart: I think I strained my right pec yesterday trying to get a last rep on a curl. Hopefully it won't give me to much trouble during yoga today....

  3. Awwww, poor up early to join the rest of us early risers.....oh wait, I was already into my morning workout when Jeff was hitting his second snooze! HA HA HA

    I was surprised how well my strained forearm felt today. I have been working the soreness out with chiropractic techniques and put some pain-a-trate (tiger balm like product) on it last night. I had not problems curling the bar this morning.

    Granted I upped my dose of NO3 Overload. I have only been taking one scoop (similar to Superpump, Juggernaut, and other preworkout formulas) but then decided to take 1 1/2 scoops today b/c I felt it wasn't doing TOO much. Granted this is not the formula that gets you all wired up like others. This also contains a creatine supplement.

    Anyway, by the end of the bicep track I was like, "BRING IT," wanting more bicep work.

    I wish I had like two hours right after workout to do work related stuff. I am actually motivated to be productive. Instead I have to go get my oldest Cinnamon Toast Crunch, fix my middle child's lunch, and get myself ready for the day. By the time that is over my rush is down and I'm moving at a turtle like pace....

    Have a great day!


  4. Hey, Jeff:

    Congrats on passing the halfway point. Having run a couple of marathons, I can say that, psychologically, reaching the 1/2 way point is an awesome feeling. I'll be there on Monday. My least fav is Legs and Back, specifically the legs portion. Lunges are not my knees' best friend, but I do my best. Pullup/chinup strength has improved tremendously, although I wish I was 5'10" and 175 when I'm doing them instead of 6'4" and 236. Damn that's a lot of weight to pull up. I ought to be able to knock out 25 or more when I get down to my goal weight of 195 - 200 lean, mean pounds.

    I actually love is helping my leg issues, and also has helped me be disicplined with the rest of the workout. Plyo remains my favorite...I've come tantalizingly close to breaking 1,300 calories burned, but not there yet. Kenpo this AM, I decided to give it whatever I had...924 calories, by far the best I have done in that, with an AHR of 116 for the 56 minutes.

    Keep up the good work and diet...


    Andy Tomlin

  5. Jeff,

    I'm glad you found the TIGER BALM. I like to put it on right before I start any physical activities, such as my martial arts forms. It really loosen my joints so that I don't hurt when I am in my stances/postures.

    Um, currently I'm using a band I bought at Walmart, not a lot of tension. I don't know how to attach the handle to the green band that came with P90X. Please help, some instructions would be greatly appreciated. I like to switch to the green band.

    Tai Chi Monkey Girl

  6. Hey guys, Andy good to hear from ya! Sounds like all is going well with your P90X - which day are you on?

    Matt, take care of that pec strain man. I have gone easy on my shoulder the last couple of days and it is already feeling better. You have you "rest" week coming up so be careful until then.

    Tai Chi -- Step on the middle of the band and hold to the floor and pull the end in the air. It will shrink the band and you can slip the handle over it. I had to ask this question on the beachbodies messageboard to figure out how to get it work

    Ryan - I took 2.5 scoops if the superpump today because I was dragging a little - it did the job!