Friday, December 4, 2009

50K Trail Run - The Day Before/Gear Review

I keep calling this thing a 50K trail run. Which it is but I got to quit the whole kilometers thing. Dammit I am not a Canadian (although it is snowing right now) from now on it a 31 MILE Trail Run!

Yes, you read that right. It is snowing in Houston right now and it is actually sticking to the ground. Probably only a 1/2"-1" tops but still this ain't supposed to happen here!

Anyways, tomorrow is the big day. I have been getting all my gear together over the last couple of days and have it spread out on the dining room table. For those of you that are wondering what the heck one needs for a trail run I snapped some pics:

This is my nutrition for the day. The GU Gel is 100 calories per pack and the GU Chomps are 90 calories. I plan on taking these while in between aid stations. At the add stations they are going to have fruits and salty foods.

This is my Nathan's hydration pack. I am going to fill these 10oz bottles with Gatorade. The Gatorade is 70 calories per bottle.

Here we have the fanny pack - for carrying my GU. My Garmin 305 and Heart monitor. My Road ID with all my contact information and a race number belt.

Next we have my Nike compression shorts. They are awesome. Some body glide and a first aid kit. All necessities!

Next is my clothing. First at the top is a pair of Injini Socks and a backup pair just in case the first ones go bad. Then I have a Nike knit cap because it is going to be about 28 degrees in the morning with a high of like 42 ...burrr. I am going to wear three shirts: Under armor for the base, Nike Dri Fit over the UA, and then finally a long sleeve breathable cotton shirt as the final layer. If I get warm I can strip of layers as I go!

Next is a pair of Nike windpants, some towels, and my Drop Bag. The Drop bag is what I usually use for transition during Triathlon. I am going to pack this sucker up and then we will have a bag drop area near the stop to keep this. I am passing this area three times during the race so I can access my gear if needed.

Finally a pic of my Salamon Trail Running Kicks and my Pug, Ernie. Ernie will not be placed inside my drop bag!

So there is everything. Well almost, I just picked up a pair of under Armor compression pants and a pair of light weight gloves. With the frigid temperature these will hopefully make the run much more comfortable!

If you are reading this and thinking, "Why doesn't he have _______ on his list?" please drop me a comment. I also have a separate bag with some clothes to drive home in and a cooler with a post race sandwich and more Gatorade and green tea.
This is going to be an interesting event to say the least so wish me luck and if I am up to it I will post a race report tomorrow night!
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  1. Dude...Where's the camera so we can see you jumping over stumps? And if there's room in the fanny pak for a tripod, take that too!

    Seriously, you've got all the planning down, but you know you're gonna be thinking "Why didn't I pack _________!?!?" around Mile 3!

    Next time, ditch the cotton t-shirt and go for this:

    It'll make all the difference in the world.

    Have fun tomorrow my friend! I can't wait to read your report!

  2. I don't know how rocky the course is going to be, but you might want to consider getting some gaiters to keep pebbles and other stuff from getting in your shoes.

    Good luck tomorrow!

  3. Before your next race you should look into Hammer products. They make Hammer Gel - same as the Gu, but they also have some liquids (Sustained Energy, Perpetuem) that are great for getting calories. More Tri-related but I while I was thinking about it I thought I'd mention it.

    Good Luck!

  4. Wow, just the gear looks cool! Kinda makes me wanna do a 50k trail run... not.

    Can't wait to read the report.

  5. Steve, They had a photographer there so I'll try and buy a few of the pics! I ditched most of my gear at the start. They had a ton of gels, fruit, HEED, Gatorade and everything else so I ran very light.

    I even ditched the cotton shirt and put on a dry-fit long sleeve right at the start. It was freaking cool but after the run started I warmed up.

  6. FB - This course is more mud and roots as opposed to rocks and pebbles. I brought a pair of gaiters (Pittsburgh Steelers colors) with me but looked around and noticed most people weren't wearing them so I didn't!

  7. Todd - I've tried Hammer products and really like them. And unlike most I like the taste of HEED so I used that on the long training. I usually use GU because the Academy sports down the road from me sales GU products at a very reasonable price. I think I am going to try Infinit drink mix when I begin my nexg round of training.