Wednesday, September 17, 2008

P90 X Day 11: Yoga

Well my least favorite day of the week --Yoga Day -- is in the Books!

It wasn't as bad this time but I still have no flexibility. I was able to hold some of the poses a little longer this time and I got a really good stretch. And I actually feel pretty good as I am sitting here drinking the P90X recovery drink.

The Warrior Poses are just hard. I will probably never be able to completely do them but I will keep trying - and laughing everytime I fail!

Not to bash the Yoga because I can see how it can be very beneficial in achieving overall fitness. But, I just prefer to get sweaty during my workouts!

We got up early again this morning the power was still out and our water was not working! I almost snapped but it turned back on about an hour later. I found out that our water district is without power also so they were just switching up generators!

I cooked some organic egg whites and turkey sausage on the grill and it was really good. I then went to the Lowes in Humble to get D-Batteries for our flashlights -- I was very excited they actually had some. My neighbor works for a large auto parts company and he told me they had some generators coming in on a truck tomorrow and he could get me one -- so I said hell yes since it may be some time until the power returns.

I had turkey jerky for a mid-morning snack. Followed by turkey, mozerella cheese and 1/2 cup organic low fat milk protein shake for lunch. Dinner tonight is going to be a burger on the grill minus the bun and some carrots and fruit.

Tomorrow is Legs, Back and Ab ripper X and I am really looking forward to it!

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