Friday, September 19, 2008

P90 X Day 13: Kenpo X

Very exciting day -- my power has returned!

It has been a long 7 days but things here in Houston are starting to return to normal. Even the two gas stations down the road were getting ready to open!

All this excitement AND Kenpo X on the same day - This is my favorite P90x workout.

I had my Flat Screen back up and running so I was already pumped and ready to BRING IT!

If you are reading this and just starting or thinking about starting P90X let me point out the importance of the warm up and cool down segments of the DVDs. The beginning and end of each workout has a 5-10 minute period of light stretching to get your body ready for the upcoming workout. These are very important to do and if you skip them you will not be able to BRING IT 100%. Today I was very tight and a little sore. I would not have been able to even start Kenpo X cold so the warm up part was essential to get me in the right shape to gain maximum benefit from the workout. I honestly believe more injuries would occur if you are not properly stretched out. Bottom line: Don't take shortcuts.

Okay, I am now stepping down from my soap box ..... Today I started out with egg whites, turkey sausage, and a banana. I had a mid-morning protein bar and then did my workout. As usual Kenpo X is a great Cardio experience and it is even a little bit of fun! If you are asking what exactly Kenpo X is: Kick, Punch, Block ... Sweat ... Repeat. That is about it. Very fast and time just flys by doing this. I was able to focus on form today and my kicks are gaining height each time through.

After Kenpo X and the delicious recovery dringk I had a Whey Protein Shake (chocolate - found for $12.97/2lb jug at Target) for lunch with an apple. I will probably have a low fat cheese stick for a snack and we are planning on some baked Salmon with mixed veggies for Dinner.

Tomorrow is Stretch X/Rest Day.

Please drop me a comment if you have any questions about P90X.

Check out this very entertaining video by Tom who is another P90X Blogger keeping track of his progress.

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  1. It was BROUGHT BI-ATCH!!!!!!

  2. Hey, Jeff:

    Great blog. I'm glad you survived Ike OK. I'm six days behind you. Today starts week 2, Chest & Back, and that little slice of heaven known as Ab Ripper X. I'll be following your progress and checking in from time to time...

    Keep Pushin' Play...

    Andy Tomlin

  3. Thanks Andy,

    We have a group of guys that are all within couple of weeks of eachother. Really helps with the motivation. Keep checking in from time to time and let us know how you are doing.

    Good luck.