Thursday, September 18, 2008

P90 X Day 12: Legs/Back/Abs

This is one of my favorite workouts. I really get a great sweat going and my arms, upper back, and legs get an incredible burn.

This DVD has 23 exercises. A variety of squats and lunges and then the pull-up bar. If I counted correctly you go to the pull-up bar seven times. I still used the chair this time but mostly for balance and it was very far away from my body. I also am happy because I increased my reps on every pull-up exercise from last week.

The leg portion of this DVD is pretty intense. The worst is the Wall Squats and Single Leg Wall Squats. You basically lean up against a wall in a seated position and hold the pose for 1:30 minutes on the wall squat. On the single leg you alternate on one leg every 10 seconds for a minute while holding the other leg parallel to the floor. It may not sound hard but your legs are on fire at about the 30 second point. I made it through both this week and felt very good about it because last week I sucked at it.

I was very pleased with my results on ARX today. I did probably 325 of the 349 reps. On day one I bet I did no more than 150. I am even starting to do some of the advanced stuff like holding my arms up doing the bicycles. I no longer dread ABX, I actually look forward to it!

Now watching this video Tony and Drea seem to have a little thing going on? Not sure but he seems to really favor her in the video. He is sort of a prick to Sophia in the video. Anyways these are the things you notice when you are watching the same thing over and over again.

Diet is still going strong. With the whole IKE and loss of power everyone seems to be drinking and indulging in crappy food. Last night my friends we making S'mores over a chiminea fire. I really wanted on but I did not cheat. I also have always been a big fan of a few ice cold beers, but I have not had any since I started this program. I figure if I can make it through this then I can make it through anything diet wise!

Reports are coming out the power should be restored by Monday or Tuesday. I hope it is true, but I will believe it when it actually happens. My neighbor is expecting my Generator to be in today so hopefully tomorrow I will be able to hook my television back up and not do this workout on my laptop anymore.

Tomorrow Kenpo -- my favorite!

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  1. Hey whats up It's Matt. I asked about the diet info....Anyways I am going strong finished day 10 today. My diet is pretty on point i usually finish the day with 45% pr 35% carb and 20% fat. So that has been pretty much the ratio everyday. I am also seeing progress on the ABX I have trouble with the fifer scissors. I am excited to have someone only a couple of days ahead of me. Keep up the great work. I post some stuff at THEDAILYPLATE.COM under the P90X group forum, if you wanna check it out. Godd Luck on Kenpo Tommorow its Yoga X for me

  2. Hey Matt,

    Good to hear you are doing well. The fifer scissors absolutely kill me. I can keep my form for about the first 15 and then after that i just struggle through.

    Keep checking in from time to time - it is cool to hear from other P90Xers.

  3. Matt, I'm Jeff's friend Mike. Jeff and I are both doing this workout together and keeping blogs. Feel free to check mine out (Just a Man and His Will To Survuve). I like hearing about how others are doing as well. Good luck!