Sunday, September 21, 2008

P90X Day 15: Chest/Back/Abs

First day of Week 3!

I started off the day a little sluggish. Not sure why? I just did not have my normal amount of energy. I decided to have a protein shake with skim milk and a banana and then waited about an hour and jumped right into the workout.

It took me about 15 minutes to get going but I did double digits on all the Pull-ups/chin-ups and increased my reps by a few on all the push-ups. Even the dreaded Dive Bombers and Diamond Push-ups. Even though I increased my reps I think I was only able to semi-Bring It today!

I had an okay ABX session. I did much better than week one but not as good as last Thursday. The Fifer Scissors again are my Achilles heel.

The nutrition plan has become my routine. After the shake I had my recovery drink and a protein bar. I had grilled steak and some carrots for lunch. Another protein bar for my snack and Grilled Chicken and Pork for Dinner with an apple for dessert.

Tomorrow is the Beast, Plyometrics!

Thanks for Reading,



  1. Keep up the good work Jeff. Today is my Stetch X day. I think I will most likley go ahead and do it. I remember being very limber after doing this routine last week. I did mess up on my diet this weekend on saturday, by eating to much salmon which killed my fat ratio. It is however the first day that I have fudged the diet so no worries. Goodluck w/ plyo!

  2. Hey, Jeff:

    I had a ball with Plyo yesterday...I literally collapsed at the end of "football hero". No Suunto T^ calculated my calorie burn at 1,238 kcal for the hour. That's nuts!!! But, I'll take it. I was tired after that effort, but had a nice endorphin buzz all day...Arms and Shoulders/Ab Ripper this early AM...another 778 kcal burned.

    Love it, love it, LOVE this!!!


    Andy Tomlin

  3. Matt,

    I had some salmon on Sat also. And I may have over did it on the portion side myself. As long as we only do it occasionally we should be okay. Glad to hear I am not alone on that one.

    Let me know what you thought of the X Stretch?

  4. Andy,
    Dude, that is some serious calorie burn! Sounds like you are doing awesome. Keep on Bringing It! I just finished plyo myself and it is by far the most intense workout of P90X. I love Kenpo but I think Plyo might now be my favorite.