Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The P90X Fit Test

Today I did the P90X Fit Test with my wife Annie. She is in very good shape and it was fun to compare our results to each other.

The P90X creators recommend doing this test in order to see if you are ready to do the videos. I guess if you fail miserably at the Fit Test you probably need to hit the gym before you begin the actual program.

As for the test it had some challenging exercises. The reason I did this was so that I would have a baseline to measure my results at the end of 90 days other than the pictures I will post soon.

Here is the link on Google Docs with the stats: Fit Test

Here is the order and results of the 8 exercises of the Fit Test:

Resting Heart Rate -- Jeff 74 bpm; Annie 57 bpm.
My Weight -- 181 lbs

#1. Pull-Ups: Test says men should do 3 and women 1.
Jeff 3; Annie 1/4

#2. Vertical Leap: Test says men should do at least 5 inches and women 3 inches (I've always had decent ups).
Jeff 23.5 inches; Annie 9.5 inches

#3. Push-Ups: Men should do at least 15 and women 3 (I was burning after this).
Jeff 29; Annie 21

#4. Toe Touch: Minimum for both men and women is -6 inches.
Jeff +2.5 inches; Annie +8

#5. Wall Squat: Minimum for both men women is 1:00 minute (This was hard).
Jeff 1:07; Annie 0:22

#6. Bicep Curls: Men shoud do minimum of 10 curls at 20 lbs, women 10 at 8 lbs.
Jeff 51 reps at 20 lbs; Annie 31 reps at 20 lbs

#7. In & Outs (Abs): Both should do a minimum of 25 reps.
Jeff 26; Annie 30

#8. Heart Rate Maximizer: This measures your heart rate after 2 minutes of jumping jacks.
Jeff started at 138 bpm and ended at 94.
Annie started at 168 and ended at 77.

Overall I feel like I did pretty well and this has me pumped up to get started. My tracking number says it should be here on Friday. My friend Mike received his today and from what he tells me a lot needs to happen in terms of prep before we can start.

Anyways, if you are considering the P90X I recommend doing this Fit Test. It does give you an idea of where you are physically and where you hope to be in 90 days.



  1. Hi Jeff, my name is Laura and I am on day 19 of p90x lean. Unfortunately, the meals plans just don't jive with my kids so all I can do at this point is watch my own diet. I think it's going okay but I have had to body changes at all. But boy do I sweat during the workouts so I'll keep going but I know I won't get max results. I really hate the yoga x and wondred what you thought of switching it for the cardio x? I really want to lose inches and the yoga makes mw want to not do the video that day. Any advice, thanks, Laura ( I also have a new p90x blog @www.p90xpei.blogspot.com)

  2. I meant to write i have had no body changes thus far

  3. Laura - Sometimes it takes 3-4 weeks until you start to see positive changes in your weight. But I cannot stress the importance of the nutrition plan. I'd even go as far to say that the nutrition plan accounts for 75% of the success of P90X. I know this is not the answer you wanted to hear but it is the truth. You are in the Fat Shredding phase that requires 60% Protein/ 20% Carbs/ and 20% fat. Follow this. Throw out deep fried food, white bread, and all the other junk. Plan out your meals ahead of time. I cook a ton of chicken on the grill on Sunday nights and stick the leftovers in the fridge for the remainder of the week. Every morning I get up and make my wife and me a whey protein shake. The good news is once you start doing this after a short time it becomes a habit.

    Good luck!

  4. Thanks Jeff, I will give it another but it's hard with a family. I have to say, I've been trying many new healthier suppers and they are all on board so far. All the bad stuff is out the door and alot of good things like whole grains, we have been eating all along. I am a little worried about next week because I have two days of yoga (I hate them so much, last yoga day I ran instead) and no legs and back. I need the legs and back as that is the reason I bought p90x ( other than to tone up/lose weight) Really, my legs are so skinny I'm suprised they get me around. Can I add it in somewhere thru the week? I do see a little bit of muscle def in my calves and don't want to stop. Also, I run/walk 8kms a day and all of a sudden I now have shin slints. Know of any really great stretchs cause so far I haven't found any good ones. Thanks,Laura