Tuesday, September 23, 2008

P90X Day 17: Arms/Shoulders/Abs

Greetings from Houston!

Started the day off with a Whey Protein Shake with milk and a banana. I left the house about 8am and realized that I left my cooler full of protein bars and lunch in the fridge at home - duh!

So, about 10 am I found a grocery store and picked up a couple of protein bars (20g), some bottled water, Turkey Jerky and Low fat cheese sticks. I ate a protein bar. I then had a lunch at a Doctors office. The staff wanted subs so I passed on them and ended up stopping at a Deli having a Turkey and Ham Chef Salad with Lite Ranch Dressing. It was pretty good. I had a couple of pieces of Turkey Jerky and a low fat cheese stick for the midday snack.

After work I did the Arms and Shoulders workout and I was able to Bring It hard again today! My shoulders are sore right now (a good sore). The hardest part of this workout for me is the first exercise in the bonus round - straight arm raises - they absolutely kill me. I talked to Mike today and he said the same thing. They are brutal! According to the program I will not do this DVD again until week 9. I plan on using the Black Resistance Bands then because I am doing too many reps with the Green -- check out my P90X Workout Tracker on the right to see -->

ABX was its usual killer self again today. I even did pretty well on the Fifier Scissors. I had to pause a few times but I made it through about 20 reps. I have nightmares about Fifer Scissors.
Seventeen days ago I dreaded ABX, now I look forward to the three days a week that it is in the workouts!

I ended the day with baked chicken breasts, asparagus, and a little brown rice.

Tomorrow is the hour and a half Yoga X workout. My least favorite DVD but I still intend to Bring It.

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  1. Jeff,

    The fifer scissors still kill me I am only up to 18 and I was doing weighted sit-up machines at the gym prior to P90X, they weren't easy either....so good for you! I finished out Chest and Back strong today like I said I would! On numerous push-up sets I just collapsed. I am happy to report some good progress in Total Push-ups: Week 1:179 Week 2:190.5 Week 3:210.5! This should serve as the motivation I need to keep bringing it. Good Luck with you workout today. Also thanks for checking my posts on TheDailyPlate, it is good motivation....!

  2. Good Morning:

    Great job, lads...

    Back & Legs / ARX this morning, 510 - 630AM

    Great workout...1,051 kcal burn, exceeded numbers in every set over week 1, definitely getting stronger and have more stamina each day...

    ARX is getting...well, not easier, nothing in this MF program is easy....but I have more stamina and a little less pain... still can't get through every exercise clean, but give me another month...

    Andy Tomlin

    p.s. I am really starting to get into the Yoga program...I think that is because I'm A) getting stronger every day, B) have more stamina and C) am slowly gaining flexibility.

    I weigh in Saturday morning. I started this round weighing in at 250.4 lbs. At 6' 4', not obese, but far from svelte. I know I have lost weight...I can feel it...it is a good thing to lose excess weight while gaining strength...


  3. Hey guys,

    Good to hear all is still going well!

    Andy let us know how the weigh-in goes on Saturday.

    Matt, I think the fifer scissors is the hardest exercise on the entire P90x package. I still have a few of the other DVDs to do in the next 30 days but it kills me - but I look forward to doing it every other day to just see if I can do it.

  4. I'm gonna substitute Yoga tomorrow for X Stretch....

    I just need more, you know what I mean?



  5. Andy,
    Dude, I wish I had your passion for the Yoga. I will do it twice next week so maybe I will try and clear my head and really get into it ... maybe even do some chants!!

    I thought about trying the Cardio X instead of the Stretch X. I think I might do that on Saturday. According to the fitness guide the Cardio X is the one to use if you are doing doubles....You think it is safe to do that?

  6. Just listen to your body. I am putting enough effort into one workout each day. At nearly 50, I'm not even considering doubles until I make it through 90 days. When I'm down to a svelte 195 - 200 lbs, maybe I'll think about it.