Monday, September 8, 2008

P90X Day 2: Plyometrics

Day 2 is in the books!

I read that some people call Plyometrics "The Beast", that name is deserved.

I got up early today and had a Protein Shake with Skim Milk and a banana. I then had my SuperPump 250 pre-workout drink and planned out my entire week for my job. I was pretty sore from yesterdays workout but I was still pumped to get started.

I then went upstairs to do my workout. I was tired after the 8-minute warm-up! This was not good!

Plyometrics was a beast and I may have sweat more in those 58 minutes than I ever had in my life. You probably could have rung two cups of sweat from my clothes -- it was that intense. But, I made it through and really had to push for the last 10 minutes. I felt a small ting of pride when I finished.

Today was my first day doing this program that I had to also work. I am an outside sales rep and basically live in my car. I do not have a normal nine-to-five type of job that has scheduled breaks. I skip alot of lunches and end up eating fast food because of time constraints.

So, today I packed a cooler with bottled waters, protein bars and a chef salad. I was able to eat all these while driving between appointments at my scheduled times. It was actually cool to have everything in a cooler in my back seat. Felt a little like camping. Except without the woods or a tent or...okay maybe it wasn't anything like camping but I still enjoyed it. I am going to get used to this new style of eating in no time!

I am off to grill some Swordfish for my last meal of the day. Tomorrow is Arms and Shoulders - should be fun since both are already sore as hell.


  1. Way to go babe, I am proud of you!

  2. Unleash the BEAST!!!! Way to go dude!

  3. I have just recieved p90x from my friend who was not able to complete it. However he did not give me anything about a nutrition plan. I have been tracking calories on the dailyplate for some time now and have tried different ratios for protein, carbs and fat. I am already in good shape however, i am trying to mix things up! The gym is quite tedious and mundane. I have heard that the ratios are as follows? Phase 1 50%pr 30%car 20% fat Phase 2 40%pr 40%car 20%fat and Phase 3 20%pr 60%car 20%fat. I was wondering if these were the correct ratios and if someone could confirm that for me. Also I weight about 185 so I was wondering if some one could give me a target calorie intake for Phase 1,2,3 or give me a formula in order to get it. I would be ever so grateful if someone could help me out. Thanks. I am also following Tom's blog so I have posted these questions on his blog also(He has yet to respond) I am kind of OCD and having just started want to get the diet down pat. I hope that you will be able to help. Since I am starting only a few days later then you, we can commiserate together.....

  4. anonymous .... you are right on with your percentages/ratos for all 3 levels. Stick to that and you will do well.

    Here are the calculation:

    1) Resting Metabolic rate (RMR)
    Formula is Your body weight X 10 = RMR

    2)Daily activity burn (DAB)
    Formula is RMR x 20% = DAB

    3) Calories for you Exercise needs or energy amount (EA):
    RMR + DAB + 600 = Energy Amt

    4) Use energy amt to determine nutrition level:
    EA between 1800-2399 = 1800 calories per day
    EA between 2400-2999 = 2400 calories per day
    EA 3000+ = 3000 calories per day.

    Hope that helps. If I was you I would find out if your buddy has the nutrition guide or buy one on ebay or something because it is the most valuable part of the program, at least for me. I was very ignorant too nutrition coming into this.

  5. Thanks I just started yesterday! I am looking forward to putting in the full 90 days. it will be good to have some one at relativley the same position in the program as me! Good Luck!