Monday, September 15, 2008

P90 X Day 9: Plyometrics

Hello and welcome back to my P90X Review Blog! I am still without power so I am typing this again using my wireless aircard.

Had a very hard day today. We finally are starting to dry out here in Houston so I was able to get some clean-up done in the yard. I had six - 40 gallon garbage bags full of debris in just my front yard today. I probably have double that in the back which I will try and do tomorrow. The good news is our weather is incredible - Low 80's with hardly any humidity! The real problem down here is that we cannot get gas. All the stations are still without electric and therefore the pumps do not work. The few stations that are running on generators have lines 3 and 4 hours long!

And to make matters worse my electric company, Entergy, os reporting that my county could be without power for 3 + weeks!! I am praying these reports are not true because that is going to be brutal.

I did good again today with my diet. My wife and I had egg whites (on the grill) and wheat english muffins with peanut butter for breakfast. I had a protein bar for a snack and grilled chicken breasts for lunch. I then had a turkey jerky for a snack. We found out a few restaurants were open south of us in Humble TX so for dinner we ended up at Hooters! No, I did not have wings and beer. I had a grilled turkey sandwich minus the bun and unsweatened iced tea. I REALLY wanted a beer but I have been doing so good that I passed.

I did my Plyo workout around 9:30 tonight. I had to burn a couple of candles for light - it was sort of cool. I did much better with this workout than last week. I actually was able to do almost all the reps and focused on getting some height on my jumps -- but still landing soft. It is amazing how the second time through your form significantly improves. The plyo was again a beast of a DVD but I feel great afterwards. My energy level makes me feel like a teenager again.

Tomorrow is Shoulders & Arms & Ab Ripper X. My left shoulder felt a little better today but it is still pretty tender. I wanted to ice it after the workout but all of our ice has melted so that blows a bit.

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  1. Thats a lot of dedication, to be able to workout even without power... Just wondering, how are you able to keep fresh eggs without electricity?
    Good luck to you!

  2. I believe Jeff told me he has a small generator. I think he's mainly using it to power his fridge, to prevent all his food from spoiling.

  3. No generator. We are just keeping everything on ice in coolers. I got five bags of ice today at a grocery store and a couple of my neighbors have generators and giving us ice.