Friday, September 12, 2008

P90X Day 6: Kenpo X

This is my lovely wife Annie. She did the Kenpo X workout with me today. We both really enjoyed this workout! She is in pretty good shape and it gave her a great cardio workout. It was just what I needed coming off an intense Legs & Back day.
As with everyone of these videos I was a sweaty mess after the workout. It was very fast paced and the kicking and punching and blocking made me feel like Daniel Larusso. That means Tony Horton was Mr. Miyagi.
Annie made it through the entire workout and then she said she wanted to try Ab Ripper X.
I went downstairs to make the recovery drinks and walked outside to make sure nothing was lying around loose in my yard. I was talking to a few neighbors and out the front door came Annie. I was outside for maybe 5 minutes and Ab Ripper X is 16 minutes ...hmmm. She said it was too damn hard and hurt her back! ABX claims another Victim!
It is 2:20 on Friday and the wind is picking up outside. IKE is still 10-12 hours away from making landfall and we are already getting high winds. It is going to be a very long couple of days with 100MPH winds expected for a 12 -hr period. We have a bunch of food in the freezer and about 6 cases of bottled water. I also filled up all three tubes in my house.
Please think of all of us in the Houston area and maybe even say a little prayer.
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