Monday, September 29, 2008

P90X Day 23: Core Synergistics

Whoa Baby!

This is the first new DVD in 3 plus weeks so I was pumped up to try something else. I thought this was going to be a light cardio workout but it was hard and fast. It is just a notch below Plyometrics in terms of difficulty and overall awesomeness and I absolutely loved it!

I was talking to Mike just before I started this workout and neither of us had any idea as what to expect. I usually take a supplement called SuperPump 250 about 30 minutes before each workout. The only time I don't take it is before Yoga and X Stretch because those are slower workouts and the SuperPump gets me very jacked up! Anyways, just by talking to me on the phone Mike could tell I had already taken the SuperPump. Picture someone on speed and that is me on SuperPump 250 - except witout the major crash or addiction - you get the point.

Well, I am glad I took the SuperPump because this workout just destroys your core and I needed the extra boost to BRING IT. One exercise called banana/boat or something like that you would just roll over on your back then you stomach keeping your legs and arms suspended and repeat. It caused a very good hurt in abs and lower back.

I get to do this workout again on Thursday and I am already looking forward to it!

Doing pretty well keeping with the P90X nutrition program! I left the house around 7am this morning to get to an early appointment and took a Protein Shake with me on the road. I had a Protein Bar for the snack. Then I had another appointment run long and had to hurry to another one and ended up eating another protein bar and a low fat cheese stick. I was able to get back to the car around 3:30 and I ate the Chef Salad I packed in my cooler. So, I swapped my afternoon snack and lunch - not ideal but I made it work. I got home around 5:30 did the workout and then baked chicken breasts with wild rice, broccoli and carrots.

I am watching the Monday Night Football game between my Steelers and the hated Ravens right now -- Go Stillers!

Tomorrow is Kenpo X.

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  1. are my hero...while I have not spent the money on p90x, my money does go to the YMCA, so I an trying to get my workout is cool us nearly middle aged men are uniting to put a healthy living together...I am taking a powder supplement called NO3 overload tomorrow prior to my nutrition said it works well like suoerpump but has a creatine rush for a little extra muscle building

    Steelers squeeked out a win I think they might bring najeh back to take them to the superbowl...LOL

  2. They did sign Najeh today! I was thinking Shaun Alexander or Tatem Bell but Najeh already knows the offense so probably the best move. I heard another rumor that the 'Boys are trying to trade for Roy Williams from DET. TO, Witten, and Williams would be unstoppable.

    Let me know how the NO3 works for you. It would be nice to add a little more creatine. The P90X recovery drink had creatine in it but it is such a small dose that dont think it will do much for adding bulk.