Monday, September 22, 2008

P90X Day 16: Plyometrics

That is one tired dude on the left!
My shirt is probably 5lbs heavier because of all the sweat!
"The Beast" Plyometrics kicked my ass again and I loved it!
My wife Annie decided to join me for this workout today and she got rocked also. She was able to burn 436 calories in the 55 minutes of plyo. She was very happy. We were two beat down individuals after this one.
Now, I said yesterday I felt like I was only able to semi-Bring It. Today I able to double Bring It. Tony Horton would have been proud. I did ever rep and even added some speed and extra height on some of the jumps. The worst part of this video is when you have to jump and bring your knees to your chest for 30 seconds and the last 10 seconds is double time. My lungs started to burn but I pushed through and did the double time reps, both times!
The thing about P90X is that it is only as good as you make it. You could probably do 9o days and sorta follow the diet and sorta do the workouts and end up having sorta good results. But if you are going to do that you might as well not spend the money and go to Wal-mart and find the first $9.99 workout video on the shelf. This is a hardcore workout and if you want the results you have to drink the Kool-Aide that Tony Horton and Beachbodies are peddling and you have to BRING IT!
I did well again on the diet today. Vanilla Whey Protein Shake with a Banana for Breakfast, 20G Protein bar for snack, stopped at a Japanese place for lunch and had Chicken and Broccoli with Carrots (no rice or egg rolls). I had about 30 nuts for a midday snack and am getting ready to each some baked chicken with lettuce for dinner and an apple for dessert. I also just finished up the awesome P90X Recovery Drink (about 100 calories). I am right around 2800 calories for today. Good day.
Tomorrow is the Arms and Shoulders workout and Annie may try this also. I am well on my way to getting her to cancel the $60 a month Gym membership -- especially since they are STILL not open because they STILL do not have electric!
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  1. I'm so jealous you have a workout partner in your own house!

  2. Hey, Jeff:

    Just wring out that shirt if you're thirsty...

    I was Yoga Boy from 5 - 630 AM this morning. Much better than the first one, although improvement is a relative term. Last week, I burned 425 kcal in Yoga with an average HR of 95. This week, 611 kcal with an average HR of 87....

    This workout is INSANE!!!!

    I dig it...



  3. Sounds good on the Diet Stuff! Sometimes that can be the toughest part. I have been doubting myself the past couple of days. I have been worried since I was already going to the gym 6 days a week that my results wont't be as drastic. I am trying to put myself in a better mindframe today. I am not so much looking for strength gain but definition, although hopefully both are inevitable. I will give my 100% for week 3 and the remainder of the program. I want to try extra hard especially this week since it will be the last time i will be doing these excercises until week 9. I did well diet wise yesterday switching the usual pecans for almonds. Anyways good luck w/ Shoulders and Arms.

  4. Andy,

    What heart monitor are you using? And do you recommend it? I need to get one to help keep myself in the optimal zone and see my cal burn. Thanks,


  5. Matt,
    You are 100% right about your mindset. I was talking to Mike earlier today about how you really have to buy into the entire P90X program - both the workouts and nutrition. Because if you don't you are not going to get the maximum benefits from the program. I was nowhere near the shape you were in on day 1 (just look at my pics .hehe) and I have seen awesome results so far. My whole body looks different - in a good way! So if we all keep motivating eachother and keep Bringing It then I am pretty positive we will all benefit in the end.

  6. I have been using the Suunto T6 for the past few years. It counts a boatload of metrics, including kcals and EPOC (excess post exercise oxygen consumption). A lot of science behind really tells you whether you are bringin' it or doggin' it.

    Workout are downloaded into a pc using Training Manager software included. I print each workout at 50% reduction and paste it into my daily journal along with nutrition info.

    The T6 has been replaced by the T6c, a few more bells and whistles. You can still get a T6 on Ebay for between 200 and 300 bucks. The T6c is bewteen 300 and 400. There are also foot and bike pods available that synch up with it, though I have never bothered with those.

    Suunto products are not cheap, but if you are serious, they are about the best...

    Andy Tomlin