Sunday, September 28, 2008

P90X Day 22: Yoga X

And I begin Week 4 with Yoga X .....

If you are new to the P90X program then Week 4 is called the "Rest Week". What this really means is that they are giving my body time to heal itself up after 3 high impact weeks. Week 4 is mostly cardio and Abs/Core workouts. When I first read the fitness guide I thought this was probably an unnecessary week and I was going to add some weight lifting in myself. Well, after actually completing the first 3 weeks I need the break. I feel awesome but my body needs to recover. This will also allow me to regroup and reload and start off Week 5 fully ready to Bring IT!

I focused on my Yoga today and really tried to Bring It! For the first time doing yoga I think I finally did!

I know I bitch about Yoga and I still feel it is entirely too long -- the last 5 minutes is completely unnecessary -- BUT I actually had a pretty good sweat going today. I closed my eyes quite a few times and didn't focus on the clock slowly ticking down on the lower right hand corner like I had previously. This helped and next thing I knew 92 minutes had pasted more quickly than ever!

This is never going to be a workout I get excited about but a couple of exercises within the workout are very challenging and I should give them credit. Towards the last 20 minutes or so Tony goes into the Belly Yoga and gets a little ABX on us. The "Boat Pose" and "Half-Boat Poses" are killers for your abs/core. Basically you sit and hold your legs straight off the ground and reach your arms to the sky and hold for 30 seconds. Then you do each leg individually. These burn and I am shaking for the last 5 seconds! He also throws in a lesser version of my nemesis the "fifer scissors", these are just called "scissors". It is hard but fifer is a killer.

I had 1 1/2 whole wheat english muffins with peanut butter for breakfast this morning. I am getting ready to eat a Protein bar. Not use yet about lunch but we are going to have the lean beef with low carb tortilla shells (only 4g of Carbs) for dinner.

Tomorrow is Core Synergistics. This will be my first time doing this workout so I am excited to try something new. I have a loaded up schedule tomorrow so I will more than likely do this workout after dinner.

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  1. Jeff,

    Thought I would let you know that things are going well and i finished out the week up pretty strong! I have stretch x today which shouldn't be difficult, but will burn a little bit. On yoga this week i did 3 push ups in between vinyasas, which was a good idea b/c i did 2 last week and that wasn't enough. I also worked on getting in a low stance putting my legs at or very close to 90 degree angles. This obviously made my legs "catch on fire". I also added alot more tension to my punches/blocks/kicks during kenpo x which made it more difficult. Today makes 2 days away from legs and back and my calves are still sore man i pushed the envelope this passed weekend and i am glad, b/c it can only make improve my overall results. I also did a push up test yesterday doing 46; which is 6 more than on day 1 or equivalent to a 14.99% increase in strength. Hope all is well buddy. Good luck on your work out today!

  2. Matt,
    Nice job on the push ups!

    Wait until you get to the Core Syn workout -- it is great.