Monday, September 21, 2009

1/2 Marathon Training: 45 Minute Run (4.8 Miles)

This morning was one of those rare mornings when I struggled immensely with my run. Usually, when I begin running it takes a mile or two until I get loose and find a zone and a comfortable pace. Today the zone was never found!

At first I was thinking it was because of all the miles I put on my legs yesterday while cycling but my legs actually felt pretty good. Then I looked over at my wife and noticed she was laboring as hard as I was and she looked back at me and said, "This humidity is killing me!"

That was it. Living in Houston the humidity is part of everyday life from June to September. However, the last week or so it has really subsided and we must have become used to it being lessened! Well, this morning the humidity came roaring back with a vengeance and felt like a 100 pound weight on my shoulders. Usually after a run I feel awesome and invigorated - this morning I just felt beat down and cannot wait until this weather has changed for good.

Anyways, still got my work in for 45 minutes. It ended up being 4.8 miles. Here is the remaining 1/2 Marathon schedule for the remainder of Week 6:


MON: 45 min moderate (Run)
TUE: 30-40 min XT (Swimming)
WED: 50 min easy (Run)
THU: 30-40 min XT (Swimming)
FRI: 30 min easy (Run)
SAT: 9 miles conversational (Run)
SUN: Rest (Cycling)

This is going to be an impossible week to get the schedule in as planned. I will be in San Antonio for work on Friday and Saturday, returning home late Saturday evening. Those two days are going to be long work days so training more than likely is not going to happen. When I get home on Saturday I have to meet my wife at a friends house. We will be watching our friends two kids (3 and 1 1/2) until Monday morning so I am going to have 3 days that I potentially may not get a workout in .... we are going to have to work something out because I might go crazy!

Tomorrow is a Swim Day!

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  1. The humidity is truely a killer. Our humid season is from August to October so I am in the middle of it now. In fact, it was extremely humid today and 91 degrees. I know that 91 isn't as bad as your Houston summers, but anything over 90 in Hawaii is considered hot.

    That is a bummer that you have a potential interruption for your training. Life happens. Isn't it amazing how, as athletes, our lives revolve around our training schedule. We are sick, dude!

  2. can do pushups with kids on your back, you can chase them around the house, you can do single-arm toddler concentration curls...there's tons of ways a toddler can be incorporated into a workout routine! :)

    I'm hearing you with the humidity. We've had record rainfall this week in Atlanta and the humidity is unbearable. I've had over 15-inches of rain since Saturday! I know you guys could use some of that.

  3. Boomer -- I did not realize that you guys got that hot! This stuff is hard to run in, no doubt! We have been getting lots of rain and now mosqitoes the size of volkswagons are swarming everywhere!

  4. Steve ...."can do single-arm toddler concentration curls.." That is awesome. Can see Tony Horton saying, "Everybody does 16!" ....

    I saw all the rain you guys are getting! Amazing amounts .. be safe!

    Please dont send us anymore rain. It has been pouring for like two days straight now! We've gone from drought to flood!