Tuesday, September 1, 2009

P90X Hybrid Day 25: 3 Mile Run


Today was another long work day. I got home late and decided to get my running in outside instead of at the gym. It is still hot but the humidity has subsided some over the last few days. I am not going to say it was comfortable out but it was at the least bearable!

I decided I wanted today to be a hard anaerobic run. So I started out at a 7:00 minute pace and just keep on motoring. I did have to pause for about a minute at one point when my iPod headphone got ripped out of my ears. As I ducked under a tree one of the branches grabbed hold of the cord. It wasn't very fun trying to untangle that sucker!

After that little pause I continued to haul butt and ended up with a time of 22:47 for the 3 miles. This is a personal best for me for the 3 mile distance. When I returned to the house I was soaking wet from sweat and started to wonder how in the heck people can do a mile in 5 minutes? That is just crazy run times!

Tomorrow I am back in the gym for some lifting. My schedule has me doing Legs & Back but I think I might substitute that with Shoulders & Arms. My legs are still feeling a little sluggish and I want to run a couple more times this week - 7 miles on Saturday!

Oh, btw, in case some of you were wondering what ever happened with my broken down Grand Prix - the transmission is done! They are replacing the entire thing and it is all still under warranty. The good news is that I will be driving around a big ass Dodge Ram 4 door pickup for the next week or two compliments of my company. I owned an F150 Super Crew a couple of years ago and miss that truck everyday!

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  1. Holy cow... that is freaking fast!!! You should run some 5k races. You will definitely be in the upper half.

    Since I have cranked up the mileage, I really haven't able to do a leg workout. Kind of sucks, but this running stuff is taking its toll on my wheels!

    Good luck on your 7 miles run this weekend.

  2. Nothing like toolin' around town in a big truck, especially when the gas is getting expensed!

    I did my legs portion of my workout today. Imagine all the legs moves in Legs & Back without the back exercises, and thats what I'm doing. My legs are toast. I love L&B, especially when its all legs. Wow! I even through in 25 jump squats to totally thrash the thighs.

    Congratulations on your personal best. Those are great milestones. I hope its cloudy and drizzling for your 7 miles this weekend.

  3. It was 46 degrees yesterday in Pittsburgh when I woke up in the morning. You would have needed to wear a hat on your run if you were here.

  4. Boomer - thinking of doing a 5k soon. going to do a 10k on Oct 31, sprint Tri on Oct 17th and then the 1/2 Mary on Feb 14th. Might try and find a couple of 5ks in between.

    I am sort of curious to see what time I could put up running in a race with all the adrenaline pumping.

  5. Steve - The big truck is awesome. i miss having a truck.

    Sounds like you leg workout is a bitch. Way to Bring It!

    Saturday is going to be hot. We are probably going to have to get up real early (Boomer Time) and get the run in!

  6. Liz, I have to wear a hat here to catch all the sweat!

    I'd need a parka and sweats if it was 46 right now. Now that I am a southerner my body is not used to the cold weather - quite the wimp now!

  7. Steve, good job on the legs. The P90X leg workout is a good challenging workout. I miss doing it. All the running mileage is taking its toll on my legs.