Sunday, September 20, 2009

52-Mile Bike

So today is supposed to be my off/rest day according to the 1/2 Marathon Training Plan we are following. But since I have a Sprint Triathlon coming up in less than a month I need to keep logging miles in biking and swimming so I do not completely embarrass myself at that race!

I got up early today (early for a Sunday!), 6am, and had a 600 calories breakfast: Whole Wheat Bagel with peanut butter and a Muscle Milk protein drink. After that I strapped the Quintana Roo to the back of my wife's SUV and headed out to the boonies for a long ride. I am still getting used to my bike so I spent a lot of time just tinkering with everything today. From arm placements, to gearing and shifting, to standing and pedaling ...etc. You name it, I tried it!

This is the longest ride I have every done and was unsure how it would go? I loaded up my jersey pockets with GU Gels and my water bottle with Lemon Gatorade so I would have enough nutrition throughout the ride! I was able to ride pretty much the first 26 miles on the small ring of the gears. It went very well and when I pulled into the parking lot where my car/refueling station was parked my legs felt extremely fresh? Weird, I know!

I packed a cooler and tossed it in the pack of the SUV. I had a big jug of Gatorade in there with a Balance Bar and some more GU Gel. I ate the bar and drank about 8 oz of Gatorade and refilled my jersey and water bottle. This worked out well! I then got on my way for the 2nd 26 mile loop of the day. I started out in the large ring to really try and get my heart rate up and make myself ride in the uncomfortable anaerobic zone. I did this for about the first 10 miles and had to back off some. I was still feeling okay but I was really working and my legs were burning pretty good. I was fearful at this point that I wouldn't make it back if I didn't pace myself a little more. So, I geared on back down to the small ring and focused on keep my cadence fast.

Overall, the ride was awesome and I cannot wait to do it again. My average speed ended up being 17 mph. My top speed was 28 mph on one stretch. This is the stretch where the big, mean looking Pit Bull came flying out of a barn and chased me down the road. I pedaled like my life depended on it and that damn dog held on for probably 2/10ths of a mile - it was moving fast and it wanted me for breakfast! According to my Garmin I burned 2110 calories. According to my quick math I took in 300 cals in Gatorade, 300 in GU gels, and 210 in the Balance Bar for a total of 810 calories.

Now that seems like a decent amount to take in but if I am going to go even longer I may have to force myself to consume even more. Also, I am not really sure how accurate the Garmin is for tracking calories being burned. That just seems like an excessive amount?

Tomorrow is an early morning run ... I think it is for 50 minutes, but will have to check the plan later.

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  1. 52 miles in a total of like 3 hours? yeah that sounds about right for your caloric burn. You are def. going to have to bump up the nutrition for longer rides, but it sounds like today was pretty rockin.

    I had a similar dog story once, but I was lucky enough that it was while going downhill. I hit 34mph and lost him pretty quick. Needless to say on the return route I chose to go a different way.. no way was I going UP hill with the dog chasing me.

  2. 52 miles! Holy smokes! Doing 2 loops is awesome. I think this is where you will be widening the gap on me and I won't be able to close it. It is great that you are doing this in your 30's. Good job man! You have many years ahead and there is no doubt that you are going to do extremely well in your upcoming events. I can't wait for you to run in Kona!

    Your nutrition sounded pretty good for that first loop. You will have plenty of time to tweak up your nutritional requirements.

    Riding your new bike must be a dream. I can only imagine.

    About that dog... maybe a small can of pepper spray would be good to take along. I am considering taking a can on my long runs since I run in the early morning hours and I pass some shady looking folks in the parks.

  3. MOTF - Thanks for stopping by. The nutrition is going to have to be worked on as I my workouts get longer. I ordered a 32oz aero water bottle to fit between my aerobars. I can fill it with carb load drinks to help!

    Wise choice not going back to the dog area ... amazes me how some people let the dogs run free like that on the streets?

  4. Thanks Boomer -- Maybe I can come watch Kona someday or even volunteer - participating, um..not so much! LOL

    Pepper spray is a good idea. When I go riding by myself off in the country like I did yesterday I carry my sub-compact glock
    (I'm licensed) with me in the bento bag. I would never use it on a dog but it is amazing the amount of times you encounter the "shady" people when alone, early in the morning, fee; alot safer knowing it is in my bag.

  5. Roger that on the piece. Nowadays, the scariest animals have two legs and can drive.

    Pepper spray is a great idea for dogs. Makes you appreciate the clipless pedals as every stroke counts when a pit bull is chasing you!

  6. Dude, Jeff! Thanks so much for the amazing, inspiring blog!
    I can see myself with the same goals as you. I am turning 30 tomorrow, and am an out-of-shape couch potato. Today I'm starting p90x for the 4th time and hope to get through it. I've never made it past 3 weeks. I have goals like you. I want to run a half marathon. I want to challenge my friend in a pull-up contest.
    Anyway, I've never made it to day 59, but I'm starting back up today, since I'm turning 30 tomorrow! Just thought I'd peruse some blogs for some inspiration.
    My problem is not that I'm so out of shape (6'1, 170 lbs), but that I have high cholesterol... so high that it prevented me from getting life insurance. Since I'm in the insurance business, I'm going to track my cholesterol results and post updates on my blog. It's here, if you care to see how p90x helps my cholesterol:
    Thanks again for the awesome blog and inspiring me to keep hitting play.

  7. Chris - Happy birthday and good luck with P90X. When I started my blood pressure and cholesterol were both higher then they should have been.

    After my first round of p90x I hurt my shoulder and went to the doctors and my weight was down 25 lbs and both my BP and Cholesterol were excellent. He was very pleased and it was all because of P90X. Plan your workout times and follow the nutrition plan and you will be money.

  8. Jeff... I love it that you are exercising your second amendment rights!!!